Taking Palin Apart

The media has been taking Sarah Palin apart all week. Here’s what they’re finding, I think:

  • The iconic appeal of a Princess Diana. No kidding.
  • The jaw of a Rocky Balboa.
  • The real-life feel of your sister or daughter.
  • The conservatism of a Phyllis Schlafly. Well, almost.
  • The “stick-it-when-it-counts” timing of a Mary Lou Retton.
  • The nerve of an assassin, which somehow co-exists with the “who, me?” innocence of a Marie Osmond.
  • The tenacity and instinct of a middle linebacker.
  • The likability of a Laura Bush.
  • The storyline of a Rudy.
  • The rise-to-the-occasion eloquence and humor of a Ronald Reagan.

That’s quite a package. Sure, it’s filled with hyperbole. I know that. (The Ronald Reagan comparison is over-the-top; the “Diana Schlafly” idea may not be far from the truth, though.) But like her or not, that was some speech last night. Funny. Plucky. Brutal. And she’s some candidate, even if your only interest is as a cultural observer. “A pit bull with lipstick?” Indeed.

Maybe she’ll fade. Maybe she’ll struggle in a different, less favorable setting. Maybe Republicans will discover that she’s “too good to be true.” And speaking of “too good,” maybe she was so good that the top of the ticket will bore people by comparison, both tonight and in the months ahead. But regardless of what happens, Sarah Palin has given hope to conservatives who had little or none just last week and vim and vigor (and ironically, even some “celebrity”) to a campaign that desperately needed it.

Besides, she’s given small-town Americans a down-to-earth, couldn’t-happen-to-a-nicer-person “friend” to watch and cheer for now that Michael Phelps and Shawn Johnson are done. That’s what it felt like at our house, anyway.



Disclaimer: The old tag-line of this blog was “Chris Anderson’s Thoughts on Life and Ministry.” This post—like those that discuss my reading of a novel, laughting at a YouTube video, or rooting for the Buckeyes—reflects the former, not the latter. Just so you know.


7 Responses

  1. I thought she was outstanding. Your bullet points are right on. It’s amazing to see the press working so hard to find something negative about her.

    My favorite comment with regard to this whole situation (a woman VP, etc.) still has to be the guy (and I can’t remember who it was or where) who said God raised up a woman named Deborah to lead Israel when a guy named Barak couldn’t handle it! Classic.

  2. Personally, the only thing I find reassuring about McCain is that Palin is his VP pick. Other than that, I’m not to enthusiastic about him.

  3. I hear you, Jon. I’d have voted for him anyway, but now I can do it without holding my nose.

    BTW, Cal Thomas (as expected, I suppose) agrees with my take on the speech. (His two cents here.)

    And finally, can you imagine Palin speaking at the DNC and endorsing the Democratic candidate in 2016? That’s what happened with Lieberman, Gore’s 2000 VP candidate. That’s pretty remarkable.

  4. Mark, you’re thinking of Douglas Wilson and the last line of this post.

    Wilson also commented on the idea that a mom’s working outside of the home is somehow sub-Christian in this post. Here’s the gist:

    “File this next one under the heading of “husbands of accomplished babes.” I speak as an expert here. Feminism is not the only heterodox gender-idea we have to deal with. There is a significant stream within conservative Christian circles that is more Muslim than Christian. In my writing on family, I have called this error masculinism, the counterpart to feminism. This selection of Sarah Palin enables us to address that problem. The Bible does not teach that a woman’s place is in the home. It teaches that a woman’s priority is the home. If a woman accomplishes a great deal outside the home without surrendering the priority of the home, there is nothing whatever unbiblical about it. Many people have assumed that Nancy and I are homers simply because we don’t apologize for the apostle Paul’s teaching on headship and submission in marriage. But while we believe and practice and teach everything the apostle ever wrote on this subject, my wife has taught outside the home, written a textbook, taught at conferences, written other books, and all while managing the home in a spectacular fashion. My daughters are both very accomplished women, as is my daughter-in-law, and I welcome the opportunity for genuine conservatives to reject the ditch on both sides of this gender road.”

  5. Holding the nose…Yes, I will STILL be holding my nose. Remember; we will have the Manchurian Candidate on the top of the ticket! I will be amazed tonight if John (I left my brain in Hanoi Hilton) McCain will NOT talk about how he “crosses the isle” for Democrat support (i.e. McCain-Fiengold campaign finance reform). At least he was inteligent enough to pick a true conservative running mate!

    Sorry, I still cannot stand John McCain…FRED THOMPSON IN 2012!!!

  6. Palin: can anyone say “Margaret Thatcher”?

  7. Well, I didn’t think McCain’s speech was boring. In fact, I thought it was quite effective.

    Should be an interesting two months!

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