Borrowing Brains: Music Ministry Name

Greg Habegger and I are preparing to start a new website that will make the new hymns that are somewhat buried here at My Two Cents more accessible. We have some technical and artistic gurus ready to help, and we’re hoping to have the site up and running before long. However, we’re missing something important—a name that represents our heartbeat in an accurate, memorable and succinct way.

We’ve discussed some ideas, but nothing has stuck. We need some help. Remember, the last time I named a ministry I actually settled on “Buckaroo.” Enough said. :)

Here’s what we’re about: we intend our music to be doctrinal, Christ-honoring, cross-focused, accessible (bothy textually and musically), passionate, and congregational. How can we communicate that through a name? Any brilliant ideas?

(An occasional suggestion that is genuinely helpful amidst what I imagine could be a collection of wise-guy laughers would be appreciated.) :)


26 Responses

  1. Madison Hymns

  2. In Hymn alone

  3. Resurected Hymns

  4. Buried Treasures

  5. HymnCraft[er] ? …I’ll have more =)

  6. Music That Magnifies
    New Song

    Buckaroo Hymnary (couldn’t help myself)

  7. Interesting ideas. Buckaroo may be my favorite so far. :)

    We like the idea of Karis Music, but I’m not sure most will understand that karis means grace. I wonder if that’s important?

    We’ve also joked about “You’reWelcome Music” or “Don’tMentionIt Music” as an answer to Townend & Getty’s “Thankyou Music.” :)

  8. Hymns for Him

  9. Grace-Full Hymns

  10. Is there already a “Sola Dei Gloria” music?

  11. Music Majesty :)


    I checked – it’s open :)

  13. Perhaps if you chose karis, you could work up some kind of graphic that lays a shadow down with the word “grace”…if you can picture that.

  14. Hymns For A Modern Fundamentalistic People…


  15. mmm, how ’bout…

    World’s Most Unusual Hymns


    Worship-Driven Hymns

  16. It would seem that this would be taken, but what about Christsong?

  17. “Songs of Praises”

  18. Mission Bell Music – think a haven, place of worship and truth, call to worship

    Lifeline Hymns

    3:30 Hymns – as in John 3:30

    5:19 Hymns – as in Ephesians 5:19

    Or my personal favorite 8:49 Hymns – a bit more cryptic, but by combining the references you have encompassed a broader ministry description. The possibilities are almost endless.
    Yes, there are some serious suggestions along with some not so serious ones. Please don’t offend me by asking which is which! :)

  19. SoundFurther

  20. The Gospel Train Music Company

  21. Bro. Chris,
    My personal feeling is that whatever name you choose should speak for itself…descriptive of your mission, but not so “out there” that people are guessing what you are up to…or worse, pass you by. Sorta like the commercials you see on television that entertain, but leave a person wondering what they were selling.

    If your goal is to help and bless, then the name should “throw out the welcome mat”. That’s my two cents. =)

  22. Thanks for the many suggestions. We’re needing to decide soon, and will be thinking through some offerings here—Buckaroo excluded. :)

    Keep them coming if you have good ideas.

  23. That hurts. I worked a whole 17 seconds on that one. =(

  24. How ’bout’ ” Winning Hymns from the Buckeye State “.

  25. Am I too late? I like the name Songs of Gospel Grace, although it forms the unfortunate acronym of SOGG.

  26. […] believe Greg and I have found the name for a music web site—a name broad enough to allow us to add other church resources in the future, if we decide to […]

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