Unimportant Quick Hits (7/7/08)

I occasionally post various and sundry important things in a yard-sale-type post I call”quick hits.” This is not one of those times. Rather, it’s a collection of various and sundry unimportant things that have made me smile, laugh, or think (but just a little).


2 out of 2000 isn’t bad…

I’ve taken around 2000 pictures during my visits to Greece and Turkey. Two of them are funny—which means I’m pulling a comic percentage of just .1 percent. Check out my first impressions of Assos (timing is everything!) and Ephesus.


Another funny picture

I have the sense of humor of a 7th grader, which explains why I think this is hilarious.


“Go ahead, punk. Make my day.”

Call me a freak, but the recent shoot-out between John Piper (post) and James White (post) over the right to bear arms and blow away uninvited guests made me smile. I wonder what J. Frank Norris would think…


Nice girls’ sports moments. Really.

I admit it: I’m a sports chauvinist. I think the WNBA is a terrible idea, and there are only a couple ladies’ sports I can stomach watching—almost all of them in the Olympics. (An example: I enjoyed watching Flo Hyman in Los Angeles in the 1984 Olympics.) This negativity exists despite the fact that I’m the father of 4 girls. Go figure. At any rate, I enjoyed this article and the following video about amateur female athletes (which still seems redundant, but I digress):


Maybe next year. Again.

Speaking of amateur sports, if you’d told me last October that the Tribe would be shipping out CC Sabathia in early July, I’d have assumed you’d taken one too many pitches high and inside. I figured we were set up for years of championship chasing, as I said here. (Yes, I know—the operative word in that sentence was “chasing.” We’re talking about Cleveland here.) My exact quote:

“Get used to us. We’re built to last. Go Tribe!”

I hate sports.


“I been everywhere, man…”

Bad Day at the Office” has just been bumped from my all-time favorite on-line video link. The new number one is just a hoot.

(Disclaimer #1: Don’t blame me for the dancing. I’m sure it’s evil.)

(Disclaimer #2: Don’t blame me for the gratuitous title. I object. But the video is a hoot.)

(Note: Visit the youtube page and choose the “watch in high quality” option. It makes a big difference.)


It wasn’t bad, but…

I just read my first John Grisham book. I enjoyed it. It certainly kept my interest. But I didn’t come away with the impression that the man is a literary genius. What’s the attraction? What makes him a perennial best-seller?


I warned you this would be unimportant stuff. I wasn’t kidding.


11 Responses

  1. Couldn’t agree more about Grisham. I’ve only read a couple of his books (started and stopped a couple more) and each time I was left with the impression that he wrote the books as fast as he could while spending as little time as possible on research and fleshing out his characters. Terrible stuff.

    On womens sports: Being the father of a pretty decent female athlete, I will say I enjoy watching womens volleyball much better than mens, and I enjoy watching womens softball as well (not as much as baseball though). Your thoughts might change if your daughters ever compete in sports. That certainly makes a difference.

  2. Chris,
    To feed the 7th grader in you (I don’t think any of us needs to grow up too awful much), you ought to go to http://ivman.com/funnypix.html This is Rob Loach’s site (remember him-French professor from BJU?) The Nemo pic is there…one of my favorites is “When Cousins Marry” (be prepared) ~D

  3. I tend to disagree. I don’t really think we need to cultivate a sense of humor. There is too little seriousness in this world.

    But speaking of women’s athletics, I consider Mary Lou Retton one of my personal heroes and someone who should be a guiding light for all of us. Whenever I feel discouraged in life I remember the courage of Mary Lou Retton and how she scored a perfect 10. That inspires me and it should you, too.

  4. “Sincerity, thy name is jjones.” Or not. :)

    Good stuff, Diane. Very funny. Rob has a knack for finding that sort of stuff. My favorite (so far) is “Oops.” Brilliant.

  5. Go Tigers! Who would have thought it would have taken the Tigers half of season just to get above .500 with the line up that they had on going into this season. At least we are now in a position to have a chance at the playoffs, and with 11 more game against the Indians our chances should only get better!

  6. My dad told me back in April he thought CC would be traded in May. Dad missed it by 1 1/2 months!

    Do you think there is ANY hope with the Tribe this year? Any hope? I mean, look at theYankees last year when they looked like they were out of it by the All-Star break but came on very strong the second half…who am I kidding…never mind!

  7. Besides “A Time to Kill”, I don’t think Grisham has written much worth reading, but who am I to say?

    I just finished David McCullough’s awesome “John Adams” and was teary-eyed by the time I finished this masterpiece.

    If you are looking for more YouTube fun, here are some of our family faves:

    Hope the rest of the Anderson Crew is doing well!

  8. Hey, all.

    I didn’t say Grisham’s stuff was “terrible.” :) Just…not exactly memorable. I’ll pick up McCullough’s “JA.” I’ve heard great things about it.

    As for girls’ sports, I’m sure you’re right, Kent. I probably just need a personal interest to pull me in. Maybe if one of my girls were in the WNBA… Nah.

    No, Doug, there is no hope. None. And I don’t want anymore comments about the Tigers here, Bob. Mercy.

    Drew, we’re doing great. Hope all 4 of your girls are well. BTW, I’m still interested in guitar lessons! :)

  9. Chris,
    I won’t say anything about the Tigers or Miguel Cabrera so don’t worry…
    Enjoyed the video above and am trying to talk our summer intern into doing a version of it “Who’ll be in Heaven with Dave.” Could be a great missions encourager.

  10. Interesting posts from Piper and White. Personally, I tend to side with White.
    But maybe a compromise could be reached. I’m sure someone with a .45 stuck to their head would sit still to hear the gospel message while you dialed 911. Assuming there is not a language barrier as with the Auca Indians, this could be effective. I’m sure similar scare tactics have been used somewhere in some church! :)
    On a serious note, I wonder how Piper’s wife feels about his willingness to not protect his family in an effective way in the name of the gospel. I’m not being harsh, but this is one thought that crossed my mind. I see his point, but on the reverse side it is communicating something to his family. Perhaps it would be a woman of little faith that would be bothered by a stand like his. But in reality, it would probably be most women and children that would feel that way.
    And yet I am a hypocrite as I have not had the resources to stock my own arsenal . . .

  11. […] HT: My Two Cents […]

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