New Hymn: Praise Our Savior, Jesus Christ

I recently collaborated with Dr. Paul S. Jones (church bio/company site) on a new hymn entitled “Praise Our Savior, Jesus Christ.” I prepared (and repaired and re-prepared) the text over a number of months, then at the recommendation of Scott Aniol I ran it by Dr. Jones. He agreed to look at it, then agreed to work on it, then said that it somehow kept creeping to the top of his pile of projects and calling for his attention. The result is a new hymn which we both hope is useful in helping believers meditate on our incomparable Savior.

Thanks to a number of friends who helped with the text and to Dr. Jones for taking on the project. As usual, the song is available as a free download for local church use.

May the Lord be magnified!

Praise Our Savior, Jesus Christ (Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by Paul S. Jones)

Full Page Music / Half Page Music / Modulation / Doctrinal Notes / MP3 Sample


Update: Sorry for the delay. All the files are now final, posted, and downloadable. Thanks for your patience!


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  3. Are there supposed to be links to the pdf and audio? Because I can’t see them–the text isn’t hyperlinked.

  4. Sorry, Matt. Here’s the update from the post:

    Update: I’m quite embarrassed about this, but it seems that Paul and I had a miscommunication. I assumed that the hymn was “finished,” whereas it was actually “almost finished.” He’s making a few final adjustments and has asked that I not post the music until the changes are made. My apologies to him and to those looking for the download. I’ll have the new (and final) version up as soon as possible and will make a fresh post announcing that it’s up.

  5. Fixed. :)

  6. Thanks, Chris,

    Say, if you want to send me the finale file, I’d be willing to format it for various bulletin inserts (Half-Letter, and One-Third-Legal)

    Let me know.

  7. Matt, I’ll look into it. I like the idea. Thanks for the offer!

    BTW, we tried Praise Our Savior for the first time Sunday with the TCBC choir. It was well-received, and though it’s not the simplest of songs, it proved to be singable. One of our more musical choir members said that the tune has a very “Rutter” sound to it. I don’t disagree. We’ll see how it goes in weeks ahead.

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  9. […] am thrilled to recommend a new hymn collaboration between Pastor Chris Anderson and Dr. Paul Jones. This is truly a wonderful example of a modern […]

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