Tribe Starters Are Unhittable

It’s early in the season, and sports don’t matter anyway, but this is pretty amazing:

“Cleveland starters have pitched 43 1/3 consecutive scoreless innings since Friday.” (from

They’ve already recorded a MLB-leading 7 shutouts. The Tribe’s hitting hasn’t been so good thus far, but that’s some crazy pitching.


8 Responses

  1. GO TRIBE IN 2008!!!

  2. Well, it’s over. A Tribe starter got lit up today. “Lit up” by their standards, that is, which means he gave up 1 run. Of course, it wasn’t an earned run. The guy scored on an error, and the Tribe won 4-2.

    O well. What do you expect from the guy who is the 6th starter on our depth chart? What a disappointment.

  3. How can you post a complimentary comment about a completely racist team? “The Indians?” Get real. How 18th century and backwards is that? Is your favorite NFL team the Redskins? I would have expected more from your site. Why do you give this bunch of neanderthals free publicity?

  4. “I would have expected more from your site.

    Time to change your expectations. Besides, I’ve converted to the “there’s only one race” position, which technically makes racism impossible.

    My other favorite teams celebrate horses, natural catastrophes, and nuts. No one’s complaining.

    BTW, what do you have against Neanderthals?

  5. “Time to change your expectations.” Touche!

  6. As a LONG TIME Cleveland Indians fan, growing up in the shadow of Cleveland in a little ‘burb called Mentor, there was a baseball player named Louis Sockalexis of the Penobscot Nation. He was the first native American to appear on the Major League Baseball scene in 1897 as an outfielder for the Cleveland Spiders. It’s not confirmed, but there is speculation the “Indians” were named after the ancestry of Sockalexis! Next, someone will be whining about Cro-magnons!

    I’m with Chris on this one. There’s only ONE race, and that’s the HUMAN race!

    And what’s up with Cleveland BLOWING it to the Reds? PAHLEEEEAAAASE! Series loss to one of the WORST teams in the NL Central! Get real!

  7. Sounds like the Tribe hitters are unstartable.

    I’ve never understood people who complain about teams like the Indians. I’m a big fan of Chief Wahoo. :-) No harm is intended. I understand less those teams that change their name so as not to offend anyone. Oh well. Not a big deal.

  8. Doug and Chris,
    The Reds aren’t the worst team in NL Central. They’ve just been playing like it. Their hitters have been going through the same things that Cleveland has, of course, that was until they faced Cleveland. Ken Griffey Jr. hasn’t hit a home run in over 70 at bats and has 4 on the season. Adam Dunn before the series was batting almost sub .200. Now Dunn has had 4 homeruns in 4 games. I just wanted to thank Cleveland for helping out my miserable Cincinnati Reds. Go Red-legs-winners of six in a row! Does anyone know if “Red-legs” is a synonym for Cro-magnons or Neanderthals? Gotta love those team names!

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