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Quick Hits (5/14/08)

Several links to articles and sermons to pass on…


Here are two great links on educational choices and the local church. As a pastor of a church which has something like 1/3 public school kids, 1/3 Christian school kids, and 1/3 home school kids, I heartily agree with the Harris’ perspective and the need for churches to unite around the gospel and not secondary issues like education.


This 9Marks lesson on discontentment and its effect on local church life is excellent. What a great perspective on a real-life issue.


CJ Mahaney’s article on modesty (initially released in 7 blog posts) is available as a pdf here. I don’t think I’ve come across a better treatment of the topic. Somehow, he manages to promote standards as high or higher than most fundamentalists, but he does so without sounding like, well, a fundamentalist. It’s very, very good.


Dave Doran’s recent message on the Cross was a great blessing to me. Give it a listen.


Tim Keller’s message on the Gospel’s impact on the question of suffering is helpful, as well. It’s an audio version of a chapter from his best-selling book, The Reason for God. I don’t always agree with Keller, but this message provoked my thinking and stirred my heart.


Joe Tyrpak, the assistant pastor at TCBC, just finished a very insightful series on OT Poetry. I commend it to you—especially the one on the Psalms. They’re fairly heavy, but extremely helpful.


Finally, I’m in the middle of a series on gender relationships in the church. Though not always comfortable, it’s been a profitable series for us. Two messages of what I intend to be a 4-part series are up on TCBC’s SermonAudio site.


4 Responses

  1. Chris,

    re: C. J. Mahaney’s article on modesty

    I was struck with how much he DID sound like a fundamentalist. He even used the association argument to help determine the appropriateness of our clothing. I could hardly believe what I was reading.

  2. Hi, Andy. It’s been awhile.

    I thought the article (along with Carolyn’s teaching on the subject) was excellent. My jest about his sounding/not sounding like a fundamentalist was essentially (a) surprise and appreciation for how seriously he takes the issue, and (b) gratitude for the fact that he deals with it as a spiritual matter, not just a standard or even clothing matter. It didn’t come off as “legalistic” the way some say fundamentalists are accused of coming off (justly or unjustly) regarding standards.

    FWIW, Sovereign Grace is just hard to figure out. Many write off non-fundamentalists as people who want to profess Christ while being as worldly as possible. That’s just not true—not always, by any means. And SG certainly isn’t that way. That’s not to say that I appreciate everything they do, but I have benefited a great deal from a number of their resources and their overall philosophy of ministry.

    Similarly, it’s surprising to see non-cessationists take expository preaching so seriously. In short, SG churches (or their leaders) are very effective stereotype breakers. :)

  3. Yes, I agree it was excellent. It is very encouraging to see those in evangelicalism begin to address these types of topics. Piper just wrote a very nice piece on this subject as well.

    BTW, Sovereign Grace uses the more positive term, continuationist, rather than non-cessationist or charasmatic to describe their position. I thought that was interesting.

  4. Another great resource on modesty are Dr Minnick’s messages titled “Restoring Scripturally Defined Modesty.” They are available here: http://www.mountcalvarybaptist.org/pages/special.aspx

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