Missing Ronald Reagan…

How good would Ronald Reagan look as a presidential candidate right now? Maybe I’m just feeling nostalgic, but this video made me wistful:

This one, on the other hand, made me smile:

Others: It’s Morning in America, The Bear, Tear Down This Wall.


8 Responses

  1. You know, though, sometimes I wonder how Reagan might have stood up under our current climate of criticism and scrutiny. Looking back, it’s easy to remember the highlights. But these days, his divorce, his astrologer wife, Hollywood background- how would his “baggage” have held him back with skeptical right wingers?

  2. I’m just glad that you used “wistful.” That is an underused word in post-Reagan America.

  3. My FIRST primary election, and my FIRST national election was 1980. I voted for the man TWICE, and then again in 1984 I voted for him! He was a GREAT president. We don’t need another Reagan, but what we need is another TRUE CONSERVATIVE!

    FRED THOMPSON IN 2012 (too bad Fred pulled a “Phil Graham” on me this year)!

  4. Doug, we already have a true conservative in the race – Ron Paul. Granted, I know he won’t win, but he is the only true conservative we’ve had in a national presidential election in quite some time.

  5. Ron Paul? Where do I begin…? I really don’t think Chris wants me to tie up his blog on “Paul” bashing!

  6. Now you are totally confusing me. At first you said you want a true conservative in the race, and then you imply that you don’t like the only person who fits that description. I don’t understand your multiple personalities.

  7. While other candidates are talking about “hope” and other laconic topics with no real substance, Paul is the only candidate who forced us to look at the decline of the dollar and where we as a country could be headed. Consider a few things like this:

    “As measured by our current account balance (which is not the sole definitive measure of an economy, I hasten to point out), our country is poorer than Zimbabwe, at least according to the CIA’s World Factbook. Of the 163 nations on the CIA’s list, Zimbabwe is 95th. The United States is dead last.

    Our nation is broke in a way no country has ever been broke before. And as households, Americans are about to grow much poorer.

    William Lapp of Advanced Economic Solutions recently told participants a the USDA’s Outlook Forum that a wave of “real food inflation” is about to reach consumers. His assessment was seconded by Larry Pope of Smithfield Foods, the nation’s largest pork processor: “I think we need to tell the American consumer that [prices] are going up…. We’re seeing cost increases that we’ve never seen in our business.” (Emphasis added.)”

    This is just an excerpt from the multiple news sources that are finally starting to wake up that our economic future may need some attention to, to say the least. I’m not trying to tie up Chris’s blog either. But I just find it ironic that the topic is how we bemoan the loss of good, old-fashioned conservatives and then bash Paul. It’s like complaining of thirst in the desert while bashing the carton of Gatorade in your backpack because you don’t like the favor. It just doesn’t make sense to me, that’s all.

  8. I am serious Mister Jackson…I don’t have time to waste trying to convince the unconvincable that Ron Paul is NOT a conservative.


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