Quick Hits 2/22/08

Michael Mckinley’s brief article “A Hypocrite’s Guide to Preaching” is filled with helpful and humbling thoughts. Give it a look.


Thabiti Anyabwile posts a winner on being content ministering in obscurity. More humbling thoughts.


If those two links haven’t overwhelmed you, this one will finish you off: Phil Ryken quotes E. M. Bounds on the pastor’s need for holiness.


Dave Doran’s message on Jude 3 is well done.


There have been a number of interesting takes on fundamentalism presented “out there” in recent weeks:

  1. Tim Bayly addressed fundamentalism in this post. Interesting.
  2. Rick Phillips chimed in in the comments section of the Bayly post with more of his take on Greenville fundamentalism.
  3. In this post, C. Michael Patton presents a graph of modern Protestant currents, including fundamentalism, evangelicalism, emerging, emergent, and liberal. (I’m not sure why he puts the conservatives on the left and the liberals on the right, but just do the mental gymnastics required to get past it.) Interestingly, he places John MacArthur as a borderline fundamentalist. Even more significantly, he places most of fundamentalism (those more conservative than MacArthur) outside of orthodoxy. Amazingly, he places those in the emerging church (e. g. N.T. Wright) as near the center (or edge) of orthodoxy as MacArthur, and he places Brian McLaren at its outer edge. The kicker: I think he’d place guys like Mark Minnick, Kevin Bauder, and Dave Doran on the conservative side in about the same place that he’s placed Brian McLaren on the liberal side—about half in and half out of the orthodoxy circle. In other words, he’s much kinder to those on the liberal side. Interesting.
  4. On the other hand, this guy makes me wonder if Patton might be justified in putting most fundamentalists outside of the circle of orthodoxy. Mercy. He makes me want to call myself a biblicist, but someone will sully that name, too. Just call me Chris. (Warning: his tirade is crude, but no more so than the KJV. Well, maybe a little.)


Finally, this post surprised me. Part of it did, anyway.


4 Responses

  1. I am not sure that I have ever experienced such diverse emotions in such a short amount of time. I went from gut-wrenching conviction to gut-splitting laughter in a matter of just a few moments. Unbelievable.

  2. If CMP has been reading Tony Jones, no wonder he has fundamentalists outside the circle.


    According to Tony, we are a bunch of wild eyed snake-handlers among the ice cream flavors.

  3. That KJVO “minister” guy…whew! He made me think the earlier clip of that man singing was at least worthy of the effort. I’d rather hear that guy “singing” and making noise than that minister blowing smoke. Wow…what a solid representation of a phony preacher spewing junk. One guy making an attempt at singing was at least an offering from the heart (funny and as lousy as it was, I don’t think “sincerity” is questioned). That minister, on the other hand, may he stay as far away from the true flock of God as possible, and may his hearers be more discerning by throwing him out of the pulpit.

  4. Here’s another good quote for preachers: Horatius Bonar on earnestness.

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