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What I’m Reading: Living the Cross Centered Life

Living the Cross Centered LifeLast year I benefited from C. J. Mahaney’s little book The Cross Centered Life. Now I’m reading through the expanded version, Living the Cross Centered Life, with two men in our church. We met for the second time this morning, and we had a very profitable time discussing how the glorious gospel is relevant for “real life” Monday through Saturday. The book is ideal for this sort of study, (1) because it is brief enough not to be overwhelming, and (2) because it packs a great punch in just a few pages per chapter. Mahaney goes out of his way to show that the work of Christ on the cross doesn’t just affect history (past) or eternity (future), but life right now (present). There are other books more intentionally doctrinal, but I doubt that there are many that make the doctrine of the cross more practical. Mahaney is, as usual, very down to earth—comically and convictingly so. I highly recommend the book, both for your personal study and as a great tool for a discipleship study.

7 Responses

  1. I just read over the original tonight and I am beginning my own study using that as a spring board. I really love how Mahaney is so down to earth and makes the cross centered life so real and attainable.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying it, Karen. It’s shocking how much “Christian” living and preaching makes the cross of Christ a mere afterthought.

    BTW, you’d enjoy adding the (free!) Gospel Primer to your study, as well.

  3. Thanks. I will definitely add that! (it’s in my price range :) )

  4. I met again with my friends from church for our early-morning Bible study. All of us were tremendously challenged by chapter 3’s description of Isaiah 53, and we had a great time fellowshipping around the suffering of Christ at the Father’s hands and fact that it both satisfied God’s wrath (an early hint of the doctrine of propitiation, v. 10-11a) and made possible our being counted righteous (an early hint of the doctrine of justification, v. 11b).

    If you have the book, give chapter 3 a read this week as you remember the death of Christ for our sins.

    I may turn my meditations on Isaiah 53 into a post sometime this week, as well. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

  5. […] disappeared in what Mahaney calls “an atmospheric confirmation of the judgment of God” (Living the Cross Centered Life, 91). Jesus responded to this abandonment with His fourth cry from the cross, a cry of absolute […]

  6. […] some men from church today. We went over chapter 12 of CJ Mahaney’s excellent little book Living the Cross Centered Life, a chapter entitled “Unloading Condemnation.” The friend leading the study (we take […]

  7. […] alas, is no stranger to suffering). He responds to C. J. Mahaney’s chapter on suffering in Living the Cross Centered Life. Small world: I just reviewed that chapter Wednesday morning in a men’s discipleship group, […]

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