A Valentine’s Day/Easter Encore

What do Valentine’s Day and Easter have in common? This youtube video. I posted it a while back, but it deserves an encore. If this little medley doesn’t get the romance/revival flames a-burning, I don’t know what will:


10 Responses

  1. Here is the difference between my wonderful wife and me. I laughed through that whole thing mercilessly. No other response even crossed my mind.

    My wife, who always looks for the good in others, watched that entire thing and responded at the end, “You know, he has the potential to have a nice voice.” She did not even make a comment about how one could drive a small pickup down the part in her hair. Now that is mercy.

    What did I do to deserve her?

  2. Hey, Andy, I love you man. Really. However…

    1. I wouldn’t bring up the width of anyone’s part, if I were you, seeing how your hair is parted on the right, left, and in the middle.

    2. What did you do to deserve her? Maybe she said, “You know, he has the potential to be a nice guy.”

    3. And *THAT* was mercy. :-)

    I laughed, too. Still am. Even if he hadn’t missed all the words, the medley was funny, her running away and his trying to keep up was funny, her promotion of “the First United Methodist Church” was funny, his facial expressions were funny, etc.

    Charles Wesley + Dean Martin = Funny

    BTW, there are other clips from the same night, and they’re not much better. I start sweating for the people just watching. You should be able to find that it on youtube next to this one.

  3. Florida Andy,

    In case you missed it the first time, I love you, man.

  4. But, what’s funny about it? I mean, my husband sang that very song to me last night. Just like that. Thought it was kinda cute…
    Seriously, wiping tears away as I type. The best part would’ve been to be out in the audience watching it, and not trying to laugh, and getting the hysterical giggles, ya know?
    Did you catch the eyebrows, though? He does know about maintaining eye contact with the audience.
    And, I think, PC, you can’t poke too much fun. One of these days, you might be up in the pulpit, and your mind will go blank, and, next thing you know, you’ll start a hummin and wigglin your brows….
    Thanks for the laugh!

  5. You’re right. I’d deserve that.

  6. Oh, I know. You love me like lions love antelope.

  7. I STILL think this is too funny.

    “I have some tears…”!

  8. That was one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen!

  9. It would have been one thing to forget the words to one of the songs, but both! And then, his face was so serious-like it was the best thing in the world. I couldn’t contain myself. The pianist keeps plowing through it like nothing was wrong. I guess she was thinking, “The faster I play, the sooner he’ll be done!” I was wondering if the First United Methodist Church memorized their choir music. Oh Man!

  10. And I thought this would have been posted under the “Think on These Things” category.

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