3 Years Later…

…and we’re still smiling, anyway. And Mommy looks like a million bucks!!

May 2004

December 2007

Andersons 07

Our good friend Craig Krivoy recently had us in for a photo shoot in his basement. He used a new-fangled technique which amounted to getting us to act normal: snuggling, smooching, tickling, etc. The result? A lot of fun and some really memorable pictures. Here’s a link to some of my favorites: Family Photo Shoot at Facebook.


3 Responses

  1. …and you are still on the bottom.

    What is it with you laying around all of the time? Is that really the image that you want to send to other impressionable young pastors such as myself?

  2. Andy,

    The one with me on the top, 2 girls crying, and Rachel unconscious just didn’t communicate the image I’m after.

  3. What image is that, dear brother? All those women folk in your family just beating you down?

    lol…lol…lol :) :)

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