New Edition of His Robes for Mine

We’ve used Greg Habegger’s new tune for His Robes for Mine for several weeks now, and it’s gone well. However, today we used an update of the new version that was tweaked a bit to make it more “congregation-friendly.” We lowered it and simplified the end of the chorus by eliminating the 2/4 bar. Also, I think the key of D may be more guitar-friendly, at least if my friend Larry is right. At any rate, it was a great blessing to sing it to close this morning’s service.

Links for His Robes for Mine:

Full Page Music / Half Page Music / Modulation / Doctrinal Notes / MP3 Sample


6 Responses

  1. Hi Greg, what a joy to find this song. Thank you, thank you. Can’t wait to learn it and sing it with our church family. God bless you.

  2. Hey Chris! Great new pictures!!

    And yes, ‘D’ is one of the more friendly guitar keys! :)

    Hope to see you soon.


  3. Thanks, Andy. “D.” I’ll remember that. You know, if I could get a friend to give me guitar lessons…

    Lydia still doing well?

  4. We have sung this song a couple of weeks in a row here. My wife said to tell you she loves the new tune. I have, however, retained some of the original wording that I thought was better than the last revision you did. I think you gave up some rich imagery (such as “drank the cup of God’s just wrath on sin”).

  5. Yesterday I introduced His Robes for Mine to the high school students here at Whitefield Christian Collegiate. I really appreciated the song even before singing it, but seeing and hearing the students joining together in wonder at and praise for the grace of our Saviour was wonderful. Several students thanked me for introducing the song and I believe that Christ was truly worshipped in our assembly that morning.

    Thanks, Chris!

    Oh, by the way, ‘Eflat’ is just ‘D’ with the capo on the first fret! :-)

  6. […] His Robes for Mine Posted on April 5, 2007 by Chris Update: The reworked text has been joined to an original tune by Greg Habegger. A pdf of the new song and a MIDI sample can be accessed from here. […]

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