Timing Is Everything

BumbleAnyone else get a kick out of the fact that CBS is airing its special news report “The Age of Warming” tonight, while most of the country is in a deep-freeze that would make the Abominable Snowman shiver?

Don’t miss the first line of the web version:

“If you were waiting for the day global warming would change the world, that day is here.”

Well, maybe not that day—not today, of all days. I mean, BRRRRR!!!

Timing is everything. [heh, heh]


12 Responses

  1. Some proponents of global warming like to have it both days and claim, quite seriously, that global warming also causes extreme cold. I personally think global warming is a sham. I don’t question the sincerity of the evangelicals who are worried about it by any means. My personal belief is that they have been sincerely duped.

    Here’s a good article that’s worth the 3 minutes it takes to read: http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/08/ed-watch/1-14-warming-fantasy.htm

  2. I want global warming! Who wouldn’t? I mean, I want Florida weather in January, and I want Minnesota weather in August! Seriously! As I get older, the more I hate winter cold. I don’t have the resources to get to Florida in the winter, so I want the Florida winter to come hear. Burn more fossil fuels!!!!!

  3. Folks, you can have Florida. I’m in Florida, but I’d like to take an exit for something which has four seasons, instead of just hot and hotter.

    Seriously, with the hurricanes, high property taxes, the extremely high homeowner’s insurance rates, insufficient infrastructure (i.e., roads for the snowbirds), Florida is seriously overrated. And try to survive a summer here in the Florida heat and humidity!

    The only reason I’m here is because this is where the Lord has given me a job and a great church family. Otherwise, I’d take a hike for something about 6-800 miles north.

  4. Paul, if you’re fat like me, then you really don’t like the heat. Living in a southern clime is good incentive to stay in shape because fat people such as myself can sweat just sitting down to dinner.

  5. jjones, unfortunately, I resemble that remark…. But 20+ years ago when I was transferred to FL for my job, there was no extra insulation, and I didn’t like the weather any more then than I do now. And everyone who reads this blog knows how the pressures of family, job, church activities, completing a graduate degree, etc., can ruin any kind of a regular fitness program. And to top it all off, when you have a wife who can cook like mine, you want to do justice to her cooking….

  6. “And to top it all off, when you have a wife who can cook like mine, you want to do justice to her cooking….”

    How big of you. Er, I mean… ;)

  7. If you read my comment, I want Minnesota weather in summer, and Florida weather in winter! There is no place in this country that has that kind of weather!

  8. Chris,

    Lay off my church members. Paul is just big-boned. Paul, how is that for coming to your defense?

  9. “Big of you” was intended as a compliment, of course. What did you think I meant? :)

    And Paul: 1) Ohio has four nice seasons, and 2) I could point you in the direction of a good church.

    (Turnabout is fair play, Andrew.)

  10. Pastor can vouch for my wife’s cooking….

    Now back to the subject of global warming.

    I was up in NY the end of October and met with 3 of my employees for lunch on a miserably cold rainy day. One young man, about 10 years out of college, asked me if I’d seen a network special report on global warming. I hadn’t seen it, as I don’t have time to watch much TV, and probably wouldn’t have watched it anyway. But in listening to him talk about it, it was clear that he’s been brainwashed by the tidal wave of global warming propaganda from the MSM. And nothing that i said or could have said would convince him any differently. It’s sad that intelligent people, and an excellent programmer BTW, just aren’t thinking through the issues, whether it’s global warming or the political propaganda we’re being bombarded with on all the media.

    Chris, reasons not to live in Ohio, in no particular order: 1) Ohio State University, 2) a liberal Democrat governor, 3) two liberal Senators (I know, one is a Republican, but he’s a RINO at best (Republican In Name Only)), 3) high taxes, 4) too cold, 5) snow…. I could go on.

  11. Paul, great post. We’re all having fun here and that’s great. But I’ve found that sometimes people only make joking comments about global warming and what a fraud it is, especially on super cold days. Yes, I personally believe that global warming is a fraud and that our youth are being propogandized and even brain washed, if you will. Even though global warming is a fraud, it really isn’t a joking matter. There are going to be major changes brought about because of it. I believe it is simply a tool used for political purposes to change society. Some of these changes may be things like world taxes, higher taxes, world governance, etc. My political views go against all of these things.

  12. I agree with the assesment about Ohio, but what a great field in which to be a testimony for our Savior! :D

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