Dan’s Reply to “My Brother, My Hero”

Dan intended to post this as a comment in response to this post, but it is so challenging that I chose to highlight it by making it its own post.

Dans Family

Thanks, Chris. Your article was very encouraging.

When we were teens at The WILDS of the Rockies, I committed my life to serving God in whatever way He might choose to use me. A year later, I believed that God was calling me to the mission field. Uncle Michael’s example was a huge factor in my decision along with a firm belief that anything less than my all would be a mockery of my Savior who gave all for me. I heard a song that year that I have often prayed as a prayer of commitment to the Lord. More often than not, it has just been on my own as I struggled with a difficult situation or decision.

I tried to sing this prayer at the close of a missions conference this fall at our brother Jeff’s church in Colorado Springs. I fumbled through the introduction, struggled through the first verse, and then totally lost it on the chorus. A good friend, Arnie, helped me through the rest of the song. Why would such a simple and beautiful song have such an impact on my life and still be at times nearly impossible to sing without a flood of emotion? Because the simple message of the song is not always so simple in day to day practice.

I have told God many times through the years that “I hold no thing back from Thee” but the day to day surrender of those “things” that have become a godly wife and best friend and our seven children is at times nearly more than I can give. Don’t get me wrong, I am not considering abandonment of the life that God has called me to. I just realize more today what “following” entails.

The peace that comes with knowing that you are doing what God has called you to, in fact, created you for (Eph 2:10) is so far beyond what this world has to offer or what Satan tries to offer as substitute that it is not worth even considering. Yet we do, don’t we.

Linda called this morning with news that our doctor would like to remove a tumor that has appeared on her arm in the last couple of weeks. We will be returning for surgery on Friday. I am doing OK, but as I told a close friend, “The mind is a wicked companion when I don’t choose to take every thought captive and trust God moment by moment.” I think that everything will be just fine. But, I know that God has a plan. I believe that His ways are higher than my ways. Please pray for peace and trust, as well as for Linda’s health.

I know you have been wondering about the song, as you are such a musician and poet. I hope that you are not disappointed by its simplicity, but instead challenged by its depth of complete surrender. I pray that God will never allow me to the point that I cannot sing this prayer to Him with deep heart conviction or without recognizing its implications.

Love you, bro.


By Mac Lynch

I will follow Thee, my Savior, where-e’er the pathway may go:
Through the storm or through the valley or through great trials so low.
I rest in Thee, trust in Thee, I place my life in Thy hands.
I will follow Thee, my Savior; Lead on, my Shepherd, lead on.

I will live for Thee, my Savior, Tho’ war and strife mark the way.
I’m so weak, but Thou art mighty, so live through me day by day.
I rest in Thee, trust in Thee, I place my life in Thy hands.
I will follow Thee, my Savior; Lead on, my Shepherd, lead on.

I surrender all, my Savior, I hold no thing back from Thee;
Every part is Thine to use, Lord, Thy living sacrifice be.
I rest in Thee, trust in Thee, I place my life in Thy hands.
I will follow Thee, my Savior; Lead on, my Shepherd, lead on.


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  1. BTW, here’s an update: Linda’s arm is fine. Praise the Lord!

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