New Messages and Series Available Online

A few new sermons have recently been uploaded at TCBC’s SermonAudio site:

  • Sunday night I preached the first of a series on the book of Hebrews. We’ll be covering one chapter of Hebrews in each of our monthly observances of the Lord’s Table during 2008 (and the first month of 2009)—a great idea of Joe Tyrpak’s. It was my privilege in Sunday night’s message (available here) to introduce the book, then to give a synopsis of chapter one. I aimed at 20 minutes and managed 30. O well. The lion’s share of the time is spent on Hebrews 1:1-3, which is a glorious passage on the Person of Christ.
  • I’ve been preaching 1 John on Sunday mornings, and the series is available here. I’ve been particularly burdened about the importance of the doctrine of perseverance, which I addressed in this message. The big idea from 1 John 2:18-19 and the surrounding context is this: whereas the typical understanding of eternal security assures us that God won’t forsake us, perseverance assures us that we won’t forsake Him—not finally; not if we’re genuinely born again. Whereas security tells us we can’t be plucked from God’s hand, perseverance tells us we won’t desire to leave it. To preach the former without the latter is to minimize what happens at the new birth, to remove a great blessing of our salvation, and to tempt people to illegitimate assurance. Perseverance deserves a lot more thought, and it’s not just another way of saying “once saved, always saved.”
  • Another message from the 1 John series focuses on the significance of our having God’s “seed” in us, an amazing point from 1 John 3:9 which I addressed briefly in this message, called “Spiritual DNA” (and which again addresses the issue of perseverance). The gist of this message is this: those who have been born of God aren’t merely given life in place of death; we actually have God’s seed—God’s “DNA,” if you will—within us! We don’t just have a change of eternal destiny; we have a change of nature. Indeed, we have been made partakers of the divine nature (2 Peter 1:4). That’s astounding, and it deserves our meditation!
  • Late addition: speaking of perseverance, Joe preached Sunday morning on Hebrews 3-4, focusing on perseverance (including encouragements and stern warnings, ch. 3) and a biblical understanding of rest (ch. 4). You can find the message here.
  • The “sentness” of Jesus is a topic which gets very little attention, but which is prominent in almost every chapter of John’s Gospel. Christ draws attention to the fact that He was sent by the Father in over 40 verses in John, and in 16 of John’s 21 chapters! It is a major theme of the book, but one that is generally overlooked. The idea is communicated in Hebrews 3:1, as well, where Jesus is called “the Apostle of our confession.” (Of course, the noun apostolos comes from the same source as the verb apostello, one of the two “sent” verbs in John.) The importance of the fact that Jesus was sent by God tells us much about his Person and Work. I addressed the issue (inadequately) in this message, where I suggest 7 significant lessons. I admit that the content was too much for one message, and it is like drinking from a fire hydrant, but my intent was to at least will give a presentation of the data and its significance.

One more link, which is especially suited for those of us with little time or attention. This summer I spent 15 minutes in my brother Jeff’s church giving a summary of our ministry in Ohio and highlighting the glory of Christ and the depth of His suffering in Gethsemane and at Calvary from the gospel of Matthew (available here). It’s more of a personal testimony than a sermon, but it’s a meditation that has absolutely consumed my thinking. It’s a quick hit—probably the shortest message I’ll ever preach—but the content is also as precious to me as anything I’ve ever preached. This is what thrills me!

I have hoped to turn these sermons into posts or articles, but time hasn’t yet allowed it. Until it does, I believe the sermons will draw your attention to Christ. I hope so!


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  1. Bixby’s recent Christmas sermon on the glory of God planted some seeds that came out in my Hebrews 1 message. I appreciate that!

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