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One of Those Days

This is hilarious. More proof that there will be no computers in heaven.

Update: Apparently the video has been pulled from Youtube. That’s sad, because it made me warm and smug to know that my life (and temper) isn’t as bad as others’. Fortunately, it’s available here. “Ahhh.”


18 Responses

  1. Yup, felt the same way sometimes, but thought twice because I actually counted the cost!

  2. All kinds of subtitles for this post come to mind:

    “…because sometimes popping packing bubbles isn’t enough.”

    “SI is not responsible for the effect of some comments on your hardware.”

  3. Funny . . . although I feel compelled to note the repeated observation of a computer guru friend of ours that the main problems he saw were not computer issues at all, but rather OHS (Operator Head Space) errors. :)

  4. lol Very funny!

  5. As it started, I thought, “I have seen this,” but it soon become apparent that there was much more than the brief clip I had seen. Hilarious! I am not sure which part takes the cake, but I would probably say the sledgehammer into the PC or the dive across the table.

  6. Was this a prophetic post? I would have expected it this morning, but once again you show yourself to be ahead of the curve. I think I saw a guy in a sweater vest in there somewhere…

  7. there will be no computers in heaven

    But certainly there will be ones in hell!

    Great post!

  8. Did you confront these individuals concerning their apparent anger issues?

    C’mon! That was funny! Admit it, you smiled! ;)

  9. The most computer error code is: ID-10-T


  10. Brent,

    As for favorite meltdowns, I think the “no smoking vigilante” is pretty tough to beat. :)


    Sweater vest. Good one. Ha. I’m dying down here.

    For those keeping track, that’s two 2nd place finishes for OSU football, one for OSU basketball, one for the Cavs, and (essentially) one for the Tribe…all this year. I think we even have a 2nd place for OSU soccer, if that counts. 2nd place hurts, but it’s also an indication of some high quality sports in these parts. And of course, the teams up north didn’t have many 2nd place finishes this year, did they?

  11. Chris;

    I’m sure you can find sympathy here in New England. We’ve been hearing a lot about the positive aspects of finishing second with the NH primary today. (Of course most of it is from the Hillary camp.) :)

  12. Nice, Ken.

    Notice that all the computer combatants were men. We may throw things and smash them with hammers, but at least we don’t cry. :)

    (Okay, now no more politics on this thread. It makes me want to throw things.)

  13. We Macintosh people can barely remember those pre-conversion days.

  14. I have an OSU “bad-call-brick” that I received as a birthday gift when I turned 25 back in the mid-80’s! I threw that OSU brick a few times last night at the TV. My wife came into the room to remind me we have neighbors!

    Chris, as a NE Ohio native, I can assure you one thing…THIS IS TYPICAL OF OHIO TEAMS!

    BTW, clarification…the “brick” is made out of styrofoam! Good thing too!

  15. Hey, Chris! I didn’t know Don was one of those people in the video! Can you point him out to me?Thanks!

  16. […] of Those Days, Part 2 Posted on January 28, 2008 by Chris These guys have nothing on this […]

  17. Update: Apparently the video has been pulled from Youtube. That’s sad, because it made me warm and smug to know that my life (and temper) isn’t as bad as others’. Fortunately, it’s available here. “Ahhh.”

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