Huckabee’s Phone Call from God

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee used God as the “straight man” to set up his jokes in this shtick:

I’m not impressed.

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  1. Pure schtick and exceedingly profane. I pray that true believers pay close attention.

  2. sad, very sad

  3. This is very sad. I saw another site where this was mentioned, but the link was to a video where he made fun of Guiliani’s calls from Judy. This is very disturbing on multiple levels. Thanks for the heads up.


  4. At first I didn’t hear the first few seconds, in which the announcer said that he was coming “to deliver the invocation.”


  5. Definitely a poor choice

  6. A poor choice??? A “poor choice” is when, say, my kids go out to eat with their grandma and eat too much dessert. What Huckabee did is profane.

  7. “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” does not just mean cursing–it also means to use His name lightly or hold it without meaning.

    And if that’s not what is depicted here, the commandment has no meaning at all. There are many reasons for a Christian conservative to choose another candidate than Huckabee, but this reveals a character flaw that goes far beyond politics.

    Some things aren’t worth doing for laughs…or for votes.

  8. It’s so fun to bait Lyn. She falls for it every time. ;-)

  9. Seriously, I agree with you. It was a mistake, poor choice, profane, and unacceptable. Thankfully, we don’t have to base our choice for President on just one mistake like that. Huckabee could be cited numerous times giving reverence and awe to God as well. It’s fun though to reveal inconsistencies, isn’t it?

    Why did you post this, Chris?

  10. Brian,

    I hope all is well in Colorado. We know some folks who just got back from skiing up there. They said it was absolutely beautiful.

    While I would certainly be the first to recognize that I myself have inconsistencies when it comes to showing reverence for the Lord, this seems to be a rather egregious one coming from a self-proclaimed preacher of the gospel. Certainly one way to look at it would be to give him a pass because at other times he has shown reverence, but after this episode does it not bring some level of doubt as to whether or not he even understands the true meaning of showing reverence to the Lord?

    I trust that you have wonderful services tomorrow.

  11. Let’s face it, the church today has largely lost any idea of what it means to worship the Lord with reverence and awe (Heb. 12:29) or to refrain from profaning His name. Terrrible things are done without giving it a second thought.

    I can imagine every presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat, exhibiting just as bad or worse examples of profanity. Huckabee will be held to a higher standard, though, because he was a SBC pastor and should have known better. The fact that he didn’t says just as much about the state of Christianity in general as is does about him.

  12. Why did I post it? That’s an odd question, Brian. Why would I not post it? Or why do I post anything? Why do you?

    A former pastor is running for President—for President! Don’t you think that a very public incident in which he crassly and intentionally used God’s name and put words into God’s mouth for his own advantage is something we should care about? I certainly don’t see the benefit of looking the other way or burying it, especially when one of his major selling points in the eyes of evangelicals is his faith.

    If you’re wondering, I have no political axe to grind. I’m not endorsing anybody else, and I may end up voting for Huckabee. He may very well be the best option. But this incident was just ridiculous. And unlike Giuliani’s untimely call (which Huckabee mocked for another laugh), it was done intentionally. Yuck.

  13. Chris, Brian, I think what he did was brilliant as far as proving his ability to communicate a message that HE wanted to make. I do believe that it was a huge mistake for him to use God as his punchline. But I’m sure that I don’t have to judge him for that. Andy is right. It shows a bigger picture of the state of “America’s” lack of reverence toward our Creator.
    He has showed a great ability to debate, communicate, and make his point with poise that I haven’t seen since Reagan. He definitely changed my vote to him when I watched him debate.
    But I’m sure the banter will continue.

  14. I don’t understand what you mean “I’m sure that I don’t have to judge him for that,” Bruce. Why? Why hesitate to say, “that was wrong”? Go ahead and judge when a person’s actions are clearly unbiblical.

    That doesn’t mean that you change your vote, or that you pretend to be omniscient by guessing as to what’s in his heart. It just means that you say this was wrong.

  15. Sorry I was unclear. He was wrong, and, I’m not his final judge.

  16. Bruce,

    I read something related to “judge not” and I see red and start, well, judging. It really does drive me crazy when people hide behind “judge not” when something has already been clearly addressed in the Scriptures. Anyway, I probably over-reacted. You touched a nerve. :)

  17. Chris, I was wondering why you would post something that was so negative toward Huckabee specifically. I haven’t seen that you post anything negative against other candidates so I was wondering why Huckabee, why now? Is it because of his surge in the polls? This was an incident that happened three years ago when he was still governor, not in the campaign for President. I’m not excusing his behavior; in fact, I wrote to him this morning and asked him to make a public statement denouncing his actions. But why a dig at Huckabee now? Surely, you could find a good video clip on every one of the candidates doing or saying something profane. If this was a consistent pattern in Huckabee’s life, it would concern me as to his character. But most of us, me included, have acted similarly at a time in our life too–even as ministers of the Gospel. It would appear that you are trying to characterize Huckabee as a phony through this one video clip. I’m just glad all my actions and your actions aren’t on videotape too.

  18. Andrew,

    It certainly was egregious and I won’t give him a pass for it. But I know better than to label a person’s character by one sinful action. It is the consistent pattern of life that I am looking for. He’s not perfect, and surely neither am I. He’s a sinner, and this videotape clearly demonstrates that. It’s just not something that I think makes for good Christian discussion. My opinion–and I’m probably inconsistent on that too. ;-)

  19. Brian, don’t assume that every criticism of Huckabee is politically motivated. I’m a pastor. I just saw the video. It bothered me. I posted it. I certainly didn’t do it as a response to polls or primary dates. I’m not nearly that complex. When I say I don’t have an axe to grind, I mean it.

    The good news for you and Huckabee? Nobody reads my blog—certainly nobody from Iowa. :)

    But I disagree as to whether this is an appropriate discussion for Christians. After all, we’re all more interested in seeing God’s name respected than a politician’s, right?

    Now, tomorrow is Sunday, and I have work to do. Have a blessed Lord’s Day, all.

  20. Oops. One more thing. It’s not accurate to say that I haven’t posted videos of other candidates. I did post something on McCain once. This is hilarious.

    The down side for all you Iowa Republicans? McCain can’t sing a lick. Think long and hard about that on January 3rd.

    (How’s that?)

  21. Huckabee is just pathetic!

    Fred Thompson for President, and Duncan Hunter for VP!

    My political 2 cents!

  22. Chris, I understand that the “judge not” can touch a nerve. We have a responsibility to make judgment calls and I know what you meant.
    Maybe a better response should focus on what an offense it is rather than blow this fellow believer out of the water because of the offense. I just know I can’t tear into him like a shark when I’ve been guilty of similar offenses. Again, this is where we mess up our judgment and separation views because we fail tor restore someone who has offended so greatly. We ought to be angry at his mistake, not at him.

  23. Bruce, how do you know Huckabee is a fellow believer?

    Do you know him personally? Have you been able to see in his life evidence of living faith?

    I am not making a judgement by asking the question. I don’t know. But I bet you are making a judgement by stating it that way. I bet you have no personal knowledge of his salvation or not.

    For me, I pray Huckabee doesn’t get anywhere close to the White House, not even a cabinet post. The more I see of him, the more I dislike him and don’t trust his leadership, policies, wisdom, etc. I think he would be a disaster.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  24. I agree Chris. So let’s post things that bring honor to God’s name, right?

  25. Don, I’ll try to answer your questions and statements in the order that you made them.

    “Bruce, how do you know Huckabee is a fellow believer?”
    Pretty good evidence points to that, mostly an educated guess.

    “Do you know him personally?”


    “Have you been able to see in his life evidence of living faith?”

    Kind of a dumb question don’t you think if you pretty sure I’ve never met him.

    “But I bet you are making a judgment by stating it that way. I bet you have no personal knowledge of his salvation or not.”

    You’d make money on that bet, but we’ll keep that between us since you have to preach tomorrow. :)

    “For me, I pray Huckabee doesn’t get anywhere close to the White House”

    Knock yourself out.

    “The more I see of him, the more I dislike him and don’t trust his leadership, policies, wisdom, etc. I think he would be a disaster.”

    You’re more than entitled to that view.

    My view. Even though his ability to communicate is impressive and I’ll probably vote for him ( haven’t made my final decision yet. ) a politician is a politician is a politician.

    Kindest Regards from my house to yours Don.


  26. Brian,

    Sometimes the best way to encourage reverence is to challenge irreverence.

    Anyway, getting frustrated with the messenger doesn’t seem to move the conversation forward. If I were you (and I’m not), I would have said this:

    “He shouldn’t have done that. It was irreverent, and I’m disappointed. But I still think he’s the best choice for President, and I’d be glad to tell you why. Check out my blog. Go Huckabee. “

    (Just trying to help. Again, have a great Lord’s Day.) :)

  27. Maybe so. BTW, I’m not frustrated with you, just provoking you to love and good works!

    Go Huckabee!

  28. Hello, everyone. I don’t know any of you personally, I just check out this and other Christian sites sometimes.

    I found this site from SI. Did anyone check out the latest thread called “fair and balanced?” Is anyone else surprised at how gullible Christians really are? Some guy made a post about Ron Paul being excluded from the upcoming Republican debates and all the Christians are shocked and finally starting to see the light that maybe, just maybe, Fox and Rupert Murdoch secretly really don’t bow down at the feet of fundamentalist Christianity. I am amazed that you people finally have a true conservative candidate in Paul, yet you denigrate him as being a conspiracy-theorist nutjob. If SI is any representation of American Christianity, whoever said that Christians are some of the most gullible (when it comes to thinking that the mainstream Republican Party is conservative) and easily led people is correct.

    I am glad that at least some people on here realize that Huckabee isn’t necessarily the conservative you’d like him to be. By the way, of course I’d much rather have the Huckster that Hilary; that’s not even up for debate. I suppose my only point is that Christians are still the gullible right who will put into office anyone claiming to be a Baptist/Christian/Evangelical/Conservative/Whatever, no matter if it’s all just PR made up by smart PR firms. I’m just amazed at how when there actually is a true conservative candidate, he’s mocked by Christians.

  29. Thats interesting that you think Duncan Hunter is not a conservative. And you think Ron Paul is. Ron has many conservative values, but anyone can vote no on appropriation bills systematically and anyone can oppose the war. But true Christian conservative look at each bill and weigh the options to see how the bill effects the overall picture. Thats why Duncan votes for appropriations bills that support our troops, like armor for vehicles the troops use or supporting the border defense and fighting the war on terrorism, that is a legal war adopted by both houses and signed by the President. I have never seen so much animosity in any candidate inside the Republican Party as I’ve seen in the campaign of Ron Paul. Only in the Democrat Party.

  30. My response to Huckabee using God in a campaign speech as he did, instead of doing the invocation, is a misuse of the roll of a pastor and overstepping his bounds as a presidential candidate. when we use the Lord in a joke, as he did, we are showing Him as a demigod. As a lot of seeker friendly churches are moving towards entertainment to bolster their numbers, Huckabee is using God as a catalyst to reach the Whitehouse. In my opinion, neither are acceptable.

  31. “I have never seen so much animosity in any candidate inside the Republican Party as I’ve seen in the campaign of Ron Paul. Only in the Democrat Party.”

    I won’t attempt to put words in anyone’s mouth, but here’s my best guess. Christians have for 30 years complained that “no one ever does anything about abortion” and had other complaints. Most of the candidates in public office never deal with abortion and it’s only something they mention in campaign speeches in order to get the Christian Right’s vote. The joke has been on the Christian Right because they constantly vote for a candidate who couldn’t care less about abortion and certainly has no plans to do anything about it. But candidates make a nice-sounding speech that mentions “pro-life” and they automatically get the vote. Speaking for myself, I find it odd that a candidate who actually has tried to address the issue of abortion and wasn’t all talk is being virtually ignored by the Christian Right. At least for me, the abortion issue is just one issue; I like Paul for many reasons and am not a one issue person.

  32. In the end, it doesn’t matter at all. In a few months Huckabee will be a completely forgotten figure in the American public’s mind because the nominee will be some sort of McCain, Giuliani, Thompson combo.

  33. Back to the original YouTube posting.
    I don’t think anyone could possibly argue that what Huckabee did was not arrogant and dishonoring to God. But is it appropriate to post? Brian really pinpoints it. Have we as Christians become nothing more than a ‘safe’ tabloid machine? What if Huckabee was taped cheating on his wife? Should we post the video? It is very easy for us to categorize sin or justify the publication of wickedness in the name of defending God’s honor.
    I’m not pointing fingers. I watched it too. I even chuckled at the ‘cleverness.’ I just think we all need to check ourselves.

  34. Oh yeah, had some Gator for lunch yesterday and it was GOOD!

  35. Michael, unfortunately my computer is running oddly and my video or activeX or whatever that’s called is not working at the moment and therefore I can’t see the aformentioned video. But, I do agree with a previous poster that this is all worthless anyway because before too long it’s going to be “Huck a who?” I too believe it’s going to be McCain/Thompson/Giuliana or some sort of combination like that and we will have completely forgotten about Huckabee and go back to posts about NFL cheating scandals.

  36. I am interested to see how much support Ron Paul will have–he has tapped into a vein of passion that I have not seen demonstrated for any other candidate. I don’t trust the polls, having been called by an automatic polling device which twisted the number I pressed into another answer…

  37. Mercy, all. A guy is running for President as an evangelical, seeking the evangelical vote, and yet posting a video of him offering a “wink, wink” prayer at a meeting of prominent Republicans means that MTC is gossip column? Since when is discussing candidates’ religious grandstanding comparable to leaking private scandal? You certainly can’t say that Huckabee wasn’t looking for attention. I mean, I’m not critiquing a prayer he offered over dinner or during his private devotions. He did it for a reaction. I gave my reaction: I think it was obnoxious.

    Good grief. We’re so “nice” that we can’t say that a public act is irreverent without people swooning.

  38. hear, hear!

  39. I don’t believe calling what he did irreverent is wrong. Nor is it wrong to confront Mike Huckabee as a brother (this would be the Biblical way). My point is not that we are gossiping. In fact I didn’t even mention the word. My point is that if a prayer is irreverent once, is it just as offensive when it is repeated? Or has our technology deadened our sense of reverence? Just because we can video tape an irreverent prayer, should we replay it for the sake of ‘intellectual debate?’ Can we just be honest and admit that pointing out past failures in a public forum without first having talked with Mike Huckabee (my assumption) is not exactly in line with I Corinthians 13. I personally do not have a problem calling sin what it is or confronting someone when necessary (hence my posting here).
    I did not intend to compare public vs. private acts as much as one sin vs. another. Perhaps he did what he did for a reaction. Perhaps the fact that three years later it is still being talked about is proof that he got what he wanted. But now we are talking motive. Maybe he wanted people to actually listen and not zone out a prayer.
    And for the record, I can say he wasn’t looking for attention just as easily as you can say he was. Again, that is a heart issue.
    Have we encouraged Mr. Huckabee to be more reverent? Is he now a more godly man because we have ‘warned’ people of his irreverent behavior? What does his overall character say about him as opposed to an instance of poor judgment?
    You stated your intent in posting the video was to encourage reverence by challenging irreverence. Is that Biblically accurate? Did Christ ever challenge someone’s sin without them present? It seems as if everyone is getting political preference mixed up with godly actions. This isn’t about supporting a candidate (as you have already stated, you don’t have an axe to grind), it is about scripturally encouraging one another towards love and good works. Take a minute and reread some of the things written. Huckabee’s salvation is all but questioned. Name calling. Sarcasm (got myself there!). So are we really encouraging each other?
    I love discussion that pushes us to examine who we are and what we do in light of Scripture. May we all be humble enough to move when pushed by the Word.
    Lastly, swoon – to faint; lose consciousness. Kind of hard to do in a typed post, isn’t it? :)
    With all my love and respect (seriously),

  40. And for the record, I can say he wasn’t looking for attention just as easily as you can say he was. Again, that is a heart issue.

    Amazing. Some one thinks that a public act by a politician is not an attempt to get attention.


    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  41. FRED THOMPSON FOR PRESIDENT, AND DUNCAN HUNNTER FOR VICE-PRESIDENT!!! Sometimes a little pragmatism should be considered folks!

    Why is it some Christians think we ought to vote for someone who claims to be a Christian for some political office? If you look at Huckabee’s record, he is a fiscal liberal. Would someone vote for Joe Lieberman (D) because he is socially consevative?

    Fred Thompson is not only fiscally conservative, but he is also socially conservative (and so is Duncan Hunter)! Why (pragmatic view here) are we even THINKING about voting for Huckabee? Oh, that’s right, Huck’s a “Christian” and Fred is not! Well, Jimmy Carter claimed to be an unabashed “Christian”, and look what a mess we ended up at the end of his 4 year tour! BTW, BOTH Carter and Huckabee go to churches, or ministered in a church that belongs in the Southern Baptist Convention!

    Huckabee is way too liberal for my tastes! Fred is the closest candidate to what Reagan was 28 years ago! WOW! Has it been that long?

    As for Ron Paul…are you serious? Ron claims to be a “Christian” too, so don’t tell me…Huck for Pres, and Ron for VP? AAAAAAAH!

    Just my political 2 cents (again)!

  42. Don,
    The point was simple and I’m sorry you missed it. Unless motives are stated, it is best to not guess. I’m not naive. I just think that Christians ought to work harder at treating other believers and non-believers as we should according to the Scriptures. Instead of lashing out at every slip of the tongue in harsh criticism, why don’t we loving admonish one another towards God honoring acts. Is it because sarcastic and cynical statements are more ‘fun’ or that we think such things make us look witty? I don’t know. It seems like I’ve got enough to work on just honoring God in all I do to hack at every mistake made by professing Christians in the public eye. Where’s the love, man?

  43. Hi, Mr Willcox.

    You make a solid argument re loving the bretheren, and if Mr Huckabee is indeed a “brother”, he should know better, or at least we should expect better from him (especially when he claims to be an under-shepherd of the flock). St Peter certainly profaned Christ during the most trying time in our Savior’s life for which he was forgiven by the very one he cursed.

    The difference here, I believe, is that I have not yet heard Mr Huckabee’s repentance of his profanity. Mocking God by using his temple brought the wrath of Jesus down on the moneychangers and Pharisees both of whom were clearly not believers in Christ. God is not to be mocked or misused for the fun of the moment. Profanity of God demands repentance, and until Mr Huckabee acknowledges his transgression, and repents, I would doubt his sincerity as a brother in Christ. He may or may not be a brother, but his actions clearly call for repentance.

    Do I profane Christ, my Lord and Savior? God forgive me, sometimes I do. I am a sinner saved by the blood of Christ. I weep at my frailty, and beg God forgive me when I sin against him. I ask forgiveness of my fellow brothers and sisters also against whom I sin. I do not see this in Mr Huckabee’s responses to this action.

    Do we extend love to him? Without a moment’s loss. But Chris, and every other true under-shepherd of the flock would be remiss if they did not call him to repentance. Forgiveness would be extended without hesitation if it were asked. That is one mark of a true brother.

  44. It is wonderful to hear your words and I completely agree with them. Do not misunderstand my silence on condemning Mr. Huckabee. I believe he did wrong. I have not heard him repent either, but I have not confronted him on the matter. My only point is, are we really confronting Mike Huckabee by posting his sin and talking about it. Would we not be better to lovingly confront him?
    The truth is, I don’t vote and therefore do not spend much time listening or researching the men running for office, so I know very little of Mike Huckabee. I have heard him profess the name of Christ. I guess the question is not so much who, when and where. It should be a question of are we biblically confronting and exhorting a brother.
    So . . . I agree with everything you posted. It was well put and well accepted. Perhaps I will now go and find Mike Huckabee. I seem to have incriminated myself in this whole mess!

  45. It’s very simple Micheal. Huckabee is in the POLITICAL arena. Criticism is going to be hashed out, not necessarily at his Christianity from the Christian Right, but at his POLITICAL MOTIVES! What was his REASON for doing what he did? Was he trying to gain the votes from the Christian Right? If so, this was just a very bad decision to try to do something “funny” to gain some notoriety. In my opinion, it backfired. It was a political hack job!

    BTW, I was never intending to vote for him anyway. See my above comments.

  46. One final note to what I just said…Michael, I will “lovingly” confront Huckabee by voting for FRED THOMPSON!

    BTW, my fast fingers mispelled your name in my previous comment. Please forgive me!

  47. Goodnight to you, also, Mr Willcox. My friend, may God bring us closer to him and each other in the body of Christ. Thank you for your thoughtful responses.

  48. This is another example of the shocking revelation of Huckabee’s irreverent sense of humor. While gov. he was asked by the press why his efforts to provide benefits to illegals was not supported by the conservatives in his party. His reply was, ” they must not drink the same Jesus juice that I do.” It was a terrible shock for those of us who worked to get him elected, believing his campaign “Christian conservative” appeal, to have to get to know the “real” Mike Huckabee revealed only after he took office.

  49. Doug,
    You hit the nail on the head. We are left to guess at his motives and that can be dangerous. As far as confronting him by voting against him . . . do you have a passage I could study from the Scriptures to support that! :)


  50. I’m tempted to let this thread die. The political discussion really doesn’t float my boat. Were I an Iowan, I’d probably have voted for Huckabee today, but none of the options is very exciting to me. The Republicans look very much like a football team with a quarterback controversy. That almost always means that there are two or more average quarterbacks, and the team is in trouble.

    I do want to address the matter of motives and private confrontation, though. I often urge people to make judgments based on facts and statements. Impugning people’s motives presumes omnipotence and is unwise at best. However, to determine that Huckabee’s intent with this “invocation” was something other than offering up a reverent prayer isn’t exactly going out on a limb. Whatever his goal was (and I’m resisting the urge to list several possibilities), what he did wasn’t honorable.

    As for the idea that we can only question professing brothers in private, that’s just bogus. This generation has to understand that very public errors must be corrected publicly. I’m sure there were times when Paul addressed matters in private, especially in a local setting, but he also didn’t hesitate to name names, even of a fellow apostle! To suggest, for example, that we can’t critique Osteen or McLaren or Schaap or Huckabee for public errors without trying to restore them privately first is just foolishness. We’re more sanctified on this matter than Scripture. If you know me at all, I’m not arguing for a “shoot first and ask questions later” approach. Mercy, no. But I see a “who am I to judge” and “it’s not my place to say” attitude that is sometimes just cowardice barely veiled in pious language. Shall we speak in love? Whenever possible. But a major reason that broad evangelicalism has lost its ability to discern is because it first lost its will to discern. We dare not become squeamish about telling it like it is, and doing so publicly when necessary.

    Even our conservative evangelical friends see this.

  51. Chris,
    Very well stated on every level. But I think the original question still remains. Why was the prayer posted? If it was to correct Mr. Huckabee, I don’t think he is reading. If it was to help us understand the importance of reverence, is the video necessary? Is the posting of the irreverent prayer propagating sinful actions or is it sending a warning to those who have gone slack in reverencing God?
    If the prayer is offensive to God, why post it? If it was offensive to you, why post it? If it could possibly be offensive to other believers, why post it?
    I know, these are bothersome points dealing with fine details, but isn’t that what posting is all about! :)
    And in case you are wondering, I’m hammering out the answers to the above questions myself, so they are not meant to be combative . . . more along the lines of thought provoking.
    One last small question. Could you please provide instances in the Scriptures of specific sin condemnation where the sinner was not present. I’m not doubting you when you say we are being more sanctified than the Scriptures (which technically is not possible), I’m just too lazy to search it out for myself! :)
    Oh yeah, when is it not possible to speak in love?
    Peace out!

  52. I did motivate myself a little last night. I am making the assumption your reference to an apostle whom Paul named would be Peter. In Galatians 2:11 it says, “But when Peter came to Antioch, I had to oppose him to his face, for what he did was very wrong.” Paul did publicly discuss Peter’s sin, but it is clear it was done after he confronted him to his face. And there is no doubt that what Peter did was very public.

    “When he first arrived, he ate with the Gentile Christians, who were not circumcised. But afterward, when some friends of James came, Peter wouldn’t eat with the Gentiles anymore. He was afraid of criticism from these people who insisted on the necessity of circumcision. As a result, other Jewish Christians followed Peter’s hypocrisy, and even Barnabas was led astray by their hypocrisy.”

    Peter made some bad choices here based on what seems to be the flip side of Huckabee’s decision. IF we make the assumption that Huckabee acted out of a desire to gain notoriety, attention, whatever – we are told here that Peter acted out of fear of not being accepted. Strangely similar situation. Obviously, Paul heard about this somehow (probably not YouTube) and acted on it. Paul goes on,

    “When I saw that they were not following the truth of the gospel message, I said to Peter in front of all the others, “Since you, a Jew by birth, have discarded the Jewish laws and are living like a Gentile, why are you now trying to make these Gentiles follow the Jewish traditions?”

    He did confront Peter in the presence of the others. No doubt a humiliating experience for Peter, but that is the tough love that you believe we are losing in Christian circles. I agree. But I still maintain that broadcasting sin in a public forum is not a Scripturally supported method if the sinner has not been personally confronted.

  53. Correction – Sorry about the sloppy study. Paul heard about Peter’s sin by being there! My bad. So does that help or hinder the argument? Technology does complicate the application of doctrine, doesn’t it?

  54. I’ve been trying to study the Republican candidates since the South Carolina primary is right around the corner, and I’d like to make an informed, principled choice. I have to say that, in yet another election cycle, none of the choices excite me, and that, in general, I’m just plain sick of the whole process far earlier than I’ve *ever* been! (Good grief! They’ve been assailing us and basically wearing us down for almost a year now for an election that is almost a year off!!!) It’s a stupid thought, but I keep thinking – if we don’t vote, will they just go away and leave us alone? As I said, that’s a stupid thought, on several levels. Not voting is irresponsible, and going away is definitely not what these politicians are about. They just want to serve….

    I still have not decided for whom I will vote. In explanation of why this comment has anything to do with Chris’s current blog post under discussion, I must say that I have been distrustful of Huckabee all along – it’s one of those “gut feeling” things, I guess. There’s just something about the man that doesn’t ring true. When I read the article at this link – – it really helped me clarify some of the things I’d been reading and sensing. I add it here for anyone else who is wondering about where exactly Huckabee is.

    By the way, I’ll make a shameless plug – I have put an outrageous picture on my blog – in the recent post called “another bad LP jacket? Try to figure out who the couple in the picture is. (The comments will give away their identity if you can’t figure it out right away.) You can get to my blog by clicking on my name, if Chris approves this comment. :-)

  55. Rob, a very simple explanation of the CONSERVATIVE choice…FRED THOMPSON!

    It really is that simple!

    Michael…sorry, no Bible verse to back up my off-the-cuff comment. :D

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