New Song: Rich Through His Grace

I’ve been meditating on 2 Corinthians 8:9 for several months, and I preached on it today. What an amazing text! One result of my meditations is a new song entitled Rich through His Grace.

I introduced the song this morning by singing it as a solo at the close of the message. It went quite well. However, I think it needs some more work. It was quite nice as a solo, but I like to write songs for congregational singing, and this one really isn’t conducive to that in its present form. I think the text is probably the best part of the song at present. The tune for the verses is okay. As for the refrain, it should probably be a bit more regular for non-solo singing. We’ll see. I’d welcome any input. If nothing else, writing the music has made me appreciate Greg Habegger’s great work on other hymns. It’s harder than it looks!

Here’s the text, at least as it stands at present:

Rich through His Grace

A dirty barn His nursery room,
And at His death a borrowed tomb:
Jesus, though rich, became poor.
From heav’nly joys to earthly tears,
From seraphs’ praise to sinners’ jeers:
Jesus, though rich, became poor.

And through His poverty He won my liberty!
I’m rich through His grace!
Now I’m an heir of God, bought with His precious blood!
I’m rich, so rich, through His grace!

No restful home, wand’rings instead;
No place to lay his weary head.
Jesus, though rich, became poor.
Incessant crowds, incessant strife,
A toiling, troubled, tear-filled life,
Jesus, though rich, became poor.

A traitor’s kiss, a nation’s scorn,
A friend’s denial, a mocker’s thorns:
Jesus, though rich, became poor.
A shameful death, a wretched tree,
Bearing God’s wrath in agony.
Jesus, though rich, became poor.

Since Jesus stooped to earth to die,
God has exalted Him on high!
Jesus will reign! He will reign!
All foes will bow at Jesus’ name!
“Christ is the Lord,” tongues will proclaim!
Jesus will reign! He will reign!

Final Refrain:
Now crowned with majesty, He intercedes for me!
I’m rich through His grace!
Now I’m an heir of God, bought with His precious blood!
I’m rich, so rich, through His grace!


4 Responses

  1. I really love it, Chris. A suggestion, if I may?

    Refrain One: And by his poverty, I am set free
    from bondage by his grace
    now an heir with Christ by his own blood not mine
    riches beyond wealth, only by grace

    Or something like that. I have enough of a tough time writing my wife emails. I certainly don’t even come close to anything you’ve written so far, Chris. Your hymn-writing is wonderful! I love your emphasis on the Gospel, where the emphasis should be. Blessings as you fine tune (pardon the pun) this hymn.

  2. I’ve been looking around the web tonight for a fundamentalist site about music, and waalla, I found your site.

    Speaking of new songs, I lived through that phase in the world called the early days of rock and roll and I used to hear rumblings about this, but I haven’t heard about it for years now.
    Specifically speaking of the British invasion, and I suppose about rock music in general, what is anyone’s opinion that much of the British rock was specifically invented to create a counter culture and to change cultural and religious mores? The Beatles brought things like drugs and eastern mysticism to America and the world. Some say the Rolling Stones were a product of Tavistock. (If you don’t know what Tavistock is, do some research on it.)

    I heard all of this stuff literally years and now decades ago, but I had pretty much forgotten all about it until doing some research on a similar subject and came across it again. Without trying to sound like a conspiratorial nut, I’d have to say that I think there might be a grain of truth somewhere in there.

    By the way, I know this post has nothing to do exactly with this particular thread, but this seemed like a good place to ask a question about music in general.

  3. Dale,

    Perhaps you should turn that into a hymn. :)


    I’m sorry, but I haven’t a clue.

  4. Ok, we’ll if you ever want an interesting study, look into Tavistock and British music. I have come full circle. Years ago I thought there might be some truth to rock music being presented to society specifically to be used as a change agent and not just as entertainment. Then I became cynical and wrote off anyone who thought such things as right-wing, fundamentalist kooks. But lately, doing some research on the Beatles and other music for an (unfortunately as yet unpublished) article, I’ve come to think that maybe Communists and Christian Fundamentalists were on the right track when they were both in agreement in saying that some (not all) rock and roll music was a product of “The Man” in order to change society. By the way, you and perhaps 99% of the people reading this are way too young to even have a clue what I’m talking about. Ask your parents or grandparents who were around before the Beatles invasion and what they thought of the change in society after that. No, of course I don’t think the Beatles were responsible for everything, but they had a major, major influence on society………Ok, I’ll go back in my corner now.

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