Fundamentalists Are Finally Getting Some Love

FI know that fundamentalists got the cold shoulder from Time when they recognized America’s top 25 evangelicals a couple years ago, and I know that we get a collective shrug (or giggle) from much of evangelicalism—a fact that continues to keep me up at night. However, there are signs that things are finally looking up for fundamentalists:

1. One of our professors has a book—a published, hardback, researched, footnoted book! on new evangelicalism, no less!—being sold in the store of an SBC church! Capital S, capital B, capital C.

(That’s ironic, I think. Or maybe it’s not. I’m not sure.)

2. Speaking of the SBC, the musical offering of one of our—er, I mean, um, well—a fundamental college is being admired by conservative, Calvinistic SBC leaders. It’s a proud day, indeed. (HT: Ben)

3. One of our grads is being honored by the Washington Post. As expected, the on-line commenters loved her. (BTW, Megan’s got some spunk, and she’s a great sport!) (HT: Chad, Megan’s brother)

4. Most impressively, one of our leaders was described by the D. C. newspaper The Hill as an “A-list” guest on the invitation list for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ big book party. That’s right: “A-list.” Other invitees? Barbara Walters, Will Smith and Charles Barkley. Nice. As far as I can tell, no one was thrown through a plate-glass window. Shwew. (HT: Ben, again. He’s obsessed with this stuff.)

Oh, yeah. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That’s what it is. We’re big-time now.

Today, the SBC, the Washington Post, and caviar with the stars. Tomorrow, the world!


12 Responses

  1. Chris,

    I am sorely disappointed in your glee that fundamentalists are getting respect from new-evangelicals. This is a sad day. It can only mean that we are not being militant enough! You can redeem yourself by writing a quick follow-up article separating from someone…anyone. Quick, to the Hilesmobile!

  2. That last line about had me choking on my coffee. :D

    As for my fundy cred, I think I’ll be fine. I belong to a fellowship that was positively cited by David Cloud today. That’s should provide immunity from naysayers for at least the next decade.

  3. You mean the “Hyles Bus” don’t you?

  4. Some of us inside the beltway don’t think that the respect of the Washington Post is something to crow about. :)

  5. I hear you, Lyn. On the other hand, at least there’s no record of Dr. Bob singing about a whippoorwill…

  6. Yah, I don’t see how this can be a good thing. It almost makes me think the strategy of separation must be breaking down. We were pretty successful at isolating ourselves so well that the neos never knew about us, let alone talk about us. Now we’re everywhere.

    And you didn’t even mention the Piper post, the CT article, and the Ref21 lovefest.

    Fortunately, Carl Trueman still thinks we’re wackos.

  7. Carl is indeed doing his best to help maintain sanity regarding fundamentalism’s reputation. And, of course, Michael F. Bird whacked us pretty good over here. Ah, sweet normalcy.

    But why accentuate the negative? We’re becoming famous, and I say we embrace it. A couple more examples of fundamentalism’s rise in the affections of the masses:

    * Several months ago Greg Linscott noted that Time corrected its error of neglecting us in their top 25 evangelicals by including me in its list of the top 100 thinkers. Better late than never. (Sorry for the self-promotion. It’s not about me.)

    * Who can forget Chris Sligh’s run? That was, indeed, a proud several weeks for us.

    * Along the same line, I’m still awaiting final confirmation, but the rumor-mill has Joel Tetreau being invited to represent fundamentalists on Dancing with the Stars.

    I’m telling you, the tide is turning. A few more winks from the press and revival could break out.

  8. I hate to rain on your parade, but rumor has it that American Idol might be somewhat rigged and not as egalitarian as they would like us to think. I read it in the National Enquirer. There’s another famous fundamentalist blog that today is asking if the NFL might be somewhat rigged. Apparently some people in the media are pondering whether the currently only undefeated team this year hasn’t been given some undue help to stay undefeated. My grandma always tells me to think twice before you necessarily believe something. Even if it’s in writing!

  9. R-E-S-P-E-C-T? Chris, have you been spending time in Detroit?
    Seriously guys, we have to do something to uncool ourselves again. Good idea Andy. In the altered words of Barbara Mandrell, “I was Fundy, when Fundy wasn’t cool.”
    Ben, I remember sitting in my class at SBTS and the prof saying “You are a Dispensational, Calvinistic, Theologically-Minded Fundamental Baptist? I have never met someone like you.” I wasn’t sure what to say.

  10. Pearson,

    Yeah, I more or less get that too. But then, I can’t really say I’ve met that many of them myself.

  11. Move North. I think the line is more prevalent up here given the heritage of many Independent Baptists that weren’t transplanted from the South, but came out of the NBC and were either in or from the CBA and GARBC. Of course we have plenty of the other types of independents too.

  12. This is hilarious. Love it. And, BTW, I am separating from all of you–every last one of you compromisers.

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