Muy Caliente. Muy Loco.

There is a lot of funny stuff available online, but this one still has me shaking my head and giggling a couple hours after I watched it.

Rob Stone may be crazy, but he maintained his composure pretty well. I’m impressed. His response to the 5-6 hour sentence is classic.

(HT: Tim Challies)


6 Responses

  1. It could have been worse. Ha!

  2. I went to a Latin American festival here in Columbus several years ago with Tom Zartman’s daughter when she was attending BIO, and living with the Rupert family (for those who don’t know the Zartman’s, they are missionaries to Mexico). We stopped at a booth where the man was selling different types of salsas. One of them was called “Stupid Sauce”. I tried just a drop! It felt like I was tasting napalm! Man, THAT was hot!

    The Zartman’s daughter took a spoonful, and said, “Hmm, that’s hot”, turned a little red in the face, but it didn’t seem to phase her at all! She LITERALLY took a spoonful! I was sucking on ice cream, and other COLD dairy products just to numb the pain! She went on her way, and after a while, I asked her why she didn’t “keal over” in agony. Her answer was, “I grew up in Mexico!”


  3. Clarification; We were with a group of friends, and not dating.

  4. Doug,

    Thanks for clarifying that :)
    I think I probably was about to keel over in agony but my pride kept me upright :)


  5. Juliana,
    You are too funny.

    I went to visit a family today and they had me stay for dinner and had some mighty fine hot salsa. I hated anything that was picante when I first got here 12 years ago. Now, I really like salsa but don’t like plain just plain chiles.

  6. I am sorry that I forgot your name, Juliana! I just remembered how I was in pain, and you seemed not to be that phased by eating “stupid sauce”!

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