Wannabe Sacred Sandwich 04, and a Bonus

We haven’t done a WSS for a while. An explanation & the 2 rules can be found here.

WSS 04

(HT: The real Sacred Sandwich & its Dubious Photojournalism, which crack me right up. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)



There’s been quite a discussion in recent days about the appropriateness of mixing sacred & secular music. I have to be honest—I think it can be done quite tastefully…

(HT: ExpositoryThoughts via Mark Perry)


17 Responses

  1. This may possibly be the best use of YouTube ever. ‘Nuff said.

  2. WSS caption:

    Having finished his juggling, magic & pantomime bit, Burpy the Gospel Clown sings his original gospel song, “Sin Is Serious, and I’m Not Kidding” to prep the audience for the sermon.

  3. remember milli vanilli? the video is the reason they did what they did, the photo is the earliest example of their art (note the phonogram!).

  4. Although Bob Jones University had quite a head start with its “Patch the Pirate” alum, Pensacola Christian College was sure it would make quick inroads in the Children’s Christian Entertainment field with “Fundie the Fundamentalist Clown.”

  5. Brother B. Wood appeals to the audience following his message – “Seven Silly Snowballs Symbolize Simple, Sweet Salvation”

  6. Poor John Daker! Once billed as “Top Interpretive Clown” for the United Methodist Symposium for Interpretive Dance and Clown Acts (see picture above), he was reduced to doing local cable gigs because of his continuing lack of forgetfulness! When asked about it, all John could say was, “Huh”?

    Mrs. Smucker (the piano teacher) was overheard saying, “55 years in this hick town flushed down the toliet because of his performance!”

  7. Where did you find the picture of Doran in his NBT days?

  8. At Community Pointe Church, where the homogeneous principle has reached logical applications, Chris sings one of his new songs at the service for that segment of our culture that takes nothing seriously.

  9. Before the ultimate success of his Buckaroo Bible Club program, Chris Anderson made a short-lived, unsuccessful attempt as “Gordy, the Gospel Clown.”

  10. Ouch. No making fun of the host.

    Doug, I hadn’t thought of putting the two together. Funny.

    Greg, did you mean Doran, or Ryan Martin? Hmmm…

  11. Nice profile pic of Jim Tressel in his first job. Maybe it’s something he can fall back on!

  12. Thanks, Bruce- now I have to wipe the coffee off my monitor… :D

  13. My second thought was, Charlie Weiss will beat him to the chase. Oh what a woeful year for my Irish!

    Glad I could make your day Greg! I’m curious how Pastor Chris’ sermon went this morning……..hellfire?…..brimstone?…….wailing and nashing of teeth?……college football isn’t important anymore!?

  14. Top photo; John Daker at a high school drama as lead clown.

    Bottom video; John Daker several years later after attending the University of Michigan!

  15. What are you talking about Tressel for, Bruce? Was there a game this weekend? I was busy.


  16. Yeah. Okay. We’ll go with that.

  17. At least MM’s sacred/secular arrangements are well-practiced…? Yeah, that’s the ticket…

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