A New Song…from My Daughters

My oldest two daughters, Rebekah (age 10) and Rachel (age 8), just surprised me with a song of their own. They came up with the text, tune and accompaniment. I just transferred their work into Finale for them. Here is their first hymn writing effort: God Is My Shepherd.

Rebekah and Rachel

Made my day! And when I told them I’d post it on my blog, they just about passed out. :-)

(Who needs the white keys, anyway?)


10 Responses

  1. Thank you, Rebekah and Rachel, for reminding us of God’s gracious mercy he renews every moment of our lives. You have given me great joy of thanksgiving to God for what you have written. Thank you, and may God eternally be praised by your work. Great is God’s faithfulness!

  2. Great job, Rebekah and Rachel! I’m really proud of you! I love to sing Scripture to music, as it helps me to remember it and think about it all day long.

    I hope that you will continue to study and write! Who knows–maybe in years to come our hymnbooks will have to specify WHICH Anderson composed which hymn. :)

  3. Pastor Anderson, are you sweating at your competition? :)

  4. Thanks for the kind words, friends. They hit their mark; the girls are encouraged. I’d love them to grow up with a love for meditating on spiritual themes. Amen!

  5. It is pretty amazing that one song from your daughters has more God-centered doctrinal truth than some whole CCM albums. Truly “out of the mouth of babes (in this case, young ladies) You have perfected praise.”

  6. Have you thought of posting the tune on your website for those of us who are musically challenged? I may be able to know when I am supposed to go up or down with the note, but hitting the pitch (something the Tribe could not do either in the series with the Red Sox, but I digress) and reading the note is something I cannot do!

  7. Young ladies, it is really wonderful that you are seeking to use your abilities to bring glory to God. We need more songwriters who will direct people’s attention to God and His greatness, just as you have done. Keep it up!

    (Chris, BTW, I am teaching our church “My Jesus Fair” this month.)

  8. Again, thanks for the kind words, guys. I’ve passed them on, and my girls are encouraged.

    Doug, I don’t have the ability to make an mp3 or MIDI file with the programs I have. Sorry.

    Brian, thank you for letting me know. I hope it will be a blessing. We sang it last night during our observance of the Lord’s Table. We’ve sung it for 3 weeks now, so people are getting to know it well enough that they can really sing out. I was holding a sleeping toddler, so I sat while the congregation sang. I was struck again with what an excellent job Greg did. He really is extremely gifted, and he has provided a very appropriate, expressive and singable tune. Well done, Greg!

  9. Awesome song!!! And after listening to your series on Worship (another great blessing) it sure seems that their song would bring praise and honor to our Almighty God. I’ll transpose to C so I can play it :-)

  10. […] Daughter, Another Hymn Posted on November 6, 2007 by Chris Not to be outdone (literally), Esther disappeared for a while this evening and emerged with her first hymn, God the […]

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