Sermons by Joe Tyrpak

Tyrpak Family

Tri-County Bible Church has been uniquely blessed by the ministry of Joe Tyrpak, who came on staff as our Assistant Pastor in 2005. He fits our ministry like a glove, sharing our passion for worship, the gospel, and the glory of God. On the other hand, besides “fitting in” here, he has also improved our church with his ministry and insights. He gladly submits to me as his Pastor, despite our nearness in age, but he has also done much to sharpen me and help me grow. And he can handle the Word exceptionally well. He is a conscientious student of the Word and a gifted preacher. Here are a few of the messages he’s preached at TCBC:

  • Probably my favorite message he has preached was an overview of 1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Chronicles and 1-2 Kings. He covered all 6 books in a very short period of time, but he opened them up to me in a way I had never seen them. You’ll benefit from the message greatly.
  • He is currently taking our entire body through a series on The English Translation Issue during our 9:30 Bible Study hour. We’re two weeks in, and it’s been a joy. This week’s message studying the Preface to the KJV was excellent.
  • More of his sermons can be found here, and more will be posted in the future.

I thank God for Joe, and commend his ministry to you!


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad to hear such a good report about Joe Tyrpak. When he was at our church, he was a big help to me in preparing the manuals for our men’s ministry, doing very fine cover art. When he heard that I needed help in that ministry, he introduced himself to me and volunteered his services. His attitude and his testimony in general were exemplary. I knew the Lord would use him in a great way.

  2. Besides manifesting a consistently excellent spirit, Joe always did exceptionally thoughtful expositional work as a student; so reports of his facility with the Scriptures are pleasant news but hardly surprising. It was a pleasure to visit with him recently here in Greenville. I just received this link, so I look forward to hearing samples of his ministry.
    (P.S. Dr. Stephen Jones says his goatee this semester is for the play in November, but I suspect he’s really just trying to look like Joe ;-)

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