Thy Hymn Page

The Lord has graciously used the hymns I’ve posted at MTC to draw the attention of believers to Himself. In light of the positive response they’ve received, I’d like to make them a little easier to find. For that reason, I’ve added a new tab at the top of my blog labeled “Hymns I’ve Written.” It provides links to the hymn files, including music with or without guitar chords, an optional modulation, a MIDI sample, and a brief explanation of the biblical content behind each hymn. The page also includes a link to several very gracious words of encouragement from friends who have benefited from the hymns. Praise the Lord!

Lord willing, I’ll be posting more hymns in the near future. Once again, thanks to my good friend Greg Habegger who has done such a nice job writing the music for several of the texts.

May the Lord be magnified!


4 Responses

  1. ummm….I’m sure it’s an innocent typo and you don’t mean to say “Soli ME Gloria” but I had to laugh when I read “May the Lord me magnified” in the last line of this blog posting.

    That said, I introduced My Jesus, Fair to our church this past Sunday night and it was a blessing. We magnified you a little bit, but mostly we magnified God.

    I’m enjoying this typo a bit too much…

  2. he he, I saw that one too… Jesse Boyd used to tell us in class that his typewriter was depraved. I am sure your computer is too. Mine is for sure!

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

    from concourse C in George Bush Int’l, heading home…

  3. Ouch, Tim. I fixed it, but I’m still smarting a bit. :)

    And Don, and more inclined to think my friends are depraved (though I’m sure I deserved that one).

  4. Thanks for changing that typo Chris. I can almost hear you saying “Ouch” audibly.

    I am glad you are making the effort to do this.

    Greg’s a great guy too. Glad to know something good can come out of Muncie, IN. :-)

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