Web Gems: Pharisees, Counseling, Solomon, Satire & Basketballs

Here are some web gems I’ve been sitting on for a week or so:

Kurt Gebhards, the Pastor of Children’s Ministries at Grace Community Church, provides a helpful post for parents entitled “Raising Pharisees.” I share the concerns of the commenters who disagree with him on standards regarding movies and music—I think—but the point of the article and its many practical applications are spot on.


Bob Newhart’s take on counseling may be a bit simplistic, but I think he may be on to something. Funny, funny, funny.

(HT: The World from Our Window)


This will make you smile and think. Solomon is sooooo last Testament.


Larknews.com is a religious news site that specializes in satire. It is often clever, though sometimes offensive (especially the t-shirts). However, the article entitled “Church Tolerates Man’s Home Grown Worship Songs” hit so close to home that I had to link to it. Ouch!

A few others that have made me smile:


This last link doesn’t exactly belong. It’s a video, and there’s no spiritual lesson, other than the fact that it profits a man nothing if he can bounce a ball and yet lose his soul. Still, it’s pretty amazing, in a very shallow way. Remember being proud of yourself for being able to make a left-handed layup? This video of former OSU point guard Michael Conley will divest you of that sense of accomplishment and make you feel like the basketball hack you really are.


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  1. virtual pastors, huh? is there any further need to ask what next??!

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