Small Market Baseball

Chief WahooThe Cleveland Indians, up 2-1 on the Red Sox (and their $145M payroll) after beating the Yankees (and their almost $189M payroll), have the 19th highest payroll in the Bigs at under $68M. Yet, the nucleus of their team is signed for long-term success. Nice.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Cleveland’s entire roster costs less than these 5 Red Sox:

  • Manny Ramirez — $17M
  • JD Drew(?) — $14M
  • David Ortiz — $13.25M
  • Curt Shilling —$13M
  • Jason Varitek — $11M

Two pitchers, two outfielders and a DH? Versus a team of young talent including rising stars in the field, a great DH, 2 Cy Young candidates, and the best bullpen in baseball? Wowzers. No wonder Chief Wahoo is smiling.

Good thing baseball doesn’t have a salary cap, or those 5 would have a lot of positions to cover.


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  1. Or, here’s another way of looking at it- Cleveland’s roster will be depleted in 1-2 years because the stars will leave for more money.

    As much as the high payroll teams are maligned, both Boston and NY have a great deal of homegrown talent as well. The Sox, for example have probable ROY Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, no-hit pitcher Clay Bucholz…

  2. I wonder what the Rockies’ payroll looks like. It doesn’t appear that they are planning to lose again until sometime in 2008.

  3. My father-in-law and I were talking about this last night. It’s easy to see the big difference between the two payrolls while forgetting that we’re still talking about millions of dollars! Yikes!

  4. Greg, that’s what I was saying about long-term success. Most of these guys have inked deals that will have them here for a while:

    Hafner – 2013
    Sizemore – 2012
    Westbrook – 2010
    Peralta – 2010
    Martinez – 2009
    Sabathia – 2008 (which is the deal I hope they get done)

    Furthermore, our young guys (Carmona, Perez, Lewis, Garko, Cabrera, Gutierrez) are all here for the next 5 years, as I understand it.

    Sure, we’ll lose guys this time like last time (think ManRam and Thome), but our nucleus will be here a while.

  5. The Rockies payroll is 21st in MLB at $60.5M.

    This is an interesting perspective on spending & such.

    I’ve got to check out of this conversation, fellas. I’m having a different morning after several hours tending to an emergency physical need in the church yesterday. Now I need to get back to reality.

    Go Tribe!

  6. We pray it is not that serious for the “emergency physical need” of which you speak!

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