Bring It On: Tribe in 7

CC Sabathia

By the end of this series Hafner, Sizemore, Sabathia and Carmona will be household names, and Cleveland will have mowed down its second East Coast bankroll this postseason.

Get used to us. We’re built to last. Go Tribe!


217 Responses

  1. See you in the world series, losers.

  2. Josh Beckett, Big Papi & Co. beg to differ.

  3. Oh, and Sabathia will probably be pitching for them in 2-3 years, too… :D

  4. Helpful update…

    After 4.5, the score is 5-1, Boston leads. Josh Beckett has only allowed 2 hits, while Sabathia… well… :whistles:

  5. The latest from Fenway… Sabathia exits in the bottom of the fifth, trailing 7-1.

  6. Easy, Tiger. I said in 7, not 4.

  7. Sure- but just remember, Boston’s pitching aces aren’t Chen Mien-Wang and a 60 year old pitcher… :D

    BTW- Top ‘o the eighth… 10-2 Boston.

  8. As for you, Brian, I was a Rockies fan before you were in diapers—back at Mile High Stadium, back when they had the Blake Street Bombers, back when they misspent money on Bill Swift & Brett Saberhagen, back when they won the wildcard before losing to the Braves, back when they had EY and Walt Weiss. So I have 2 rooting interests in this post-season. ;)

    (Alright, maybe you weren’t in diapers, but it was a long time ago.)

  9. AND the final from Fenway Park in Boston— One down, three to go… :D

  10. Man, you guys are fun to watch. Thanks for getting me the score Greg.

  11. You’re THAT old, Chris??

    Sorry about the game last night. Must have been really hard for you. My heart goes out to you.

    Oh, BTW, the Rockies won…again.

  12. Congrats, Brian. The Rockies are on fire. Amazing.

    (The National League is so cute.)

  13. The latest- Sox are down 1-0 in the bottom of the third. However, there is a runner on first and no one out.

    Scratch that- Crisp steals second.

  14. This just in- in the bottom of the third, Carmona walks in the tying run on four pitches.

  15. Mike Lowell drives in two. 3-1 Sox.

  16. Thanks for that, Greg. We’ll call you “scoop.”

    Early lead, frightened pitching, walks that come back to bite us.

    Deja vu.

  17. (PM to Scoop: I’d hate to steal your thunder, so I’ll leave this update to you.)

  18. Heh.

    HR- 4-3 Indians.

  19. (Feel free.)

  20. Schilling has been pulled.

    Yet, optimism prevails. Ortiz, Ramirez, Lowell, and co remain in the lineup. Stay tuned for further updates.

  21. I think I’ll let Chris tell what just happened just now. :D

  22. 6-5 on back to back homers by Ramirez and Lowell.

    (Can I call ’em or what? :D)

  23. 6-6. And you escaped the top of the 6th.

    What a great game.

  24. “Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. It’s the top of the 11th and we should have an update from ‘Scoop’ Linscott anytime now.” :D

  25. Message to Tito Francona: Please make sure Eric Gag-me does not board the flight to Cleveland.

  26. Glad that I’ll be safe up here in Cody, WY when the Rockies win tonight (in Byrnes’ language: when the Rockies get their lucky break tonight) and as a result, Denver goes crazy.


    Tribe BURIED the Sox in the Top ‘o the 11TH! I LOVE your bullpen…especially when they DON’T have the depth in the Red Sox bullpen the Tribe has in Cleveland’s bullpen! CHING!

    And, for all of you kiddies out there, I was a Tribe fan WAAAAAAAY BACK (as Tom Hamilton [THE Voice of Cleveland Indians Baseball] would say) when Gaylord Perry was on the mound!

    What’s the NLCS? Does anyone CARE?

  28. For all you kiddies out there, let’s just say this isn’t the first time I saw the Sox bullpen implode (1986). However, 2004 goes a long way to soothing that. :D


  30. See Kenny…See Kenny LOFT-ONE…or how about 2 in the bottom of the second?

  31. Buckner was bad- but Schiraldi and Stanley share the blame as well.

    Lofton knocks one out. 2-0 Indians. :(

  32. If there is any consolation, Greg, I saw that game and just gasped! I was feeling pretty low that day! I was actually pulling for the Red Sox in 1986!

    Can anything good come from New York?

  33. Well, I spoke with a church in NY and haven’t heard back yet… so…

    I’m going to say yes. Yes, it can. :-)

  34. Running error on Papi, and lose the man in scoring position!

  35. What’s up with the plate umpire? He seems to have several different strikes zones for BOTH pitchers!

  36. Must be the bugs… :roll:

  37. That was NY!

  38. 4-2. I felt a lot better at 4-0.

    That said, Westbrook has been huge. Ground balls all over the place.

  39. YIKES!

  40. Now they have to face…THE BULLPEN! Let’s hope Jensen Lewis can do what he did on Sunday!

  41. Lewis is stellar.

    Now we need to get those runs back.

  42. Cleveland needs a little “STATE FARM®”!!!

  43. Way to go ‘Tek!

    All we need now is a little “Sweet Caroline…” :-)

  44. What I am wanting to see is the Tribe become Marines, and defeat Iwo Jima…Uh, I mean Okinawa…Um, What’s his name!

  45. Doug almost lost me, but I finally figured out “insurance” runs. Nice.

    Now Greg, you lost me. I’m thinking Neil Diamond, but…???

  46. Doug, you are sooooo no PC.

  47. SEMPER FI!

  48. Hey, Chris, you now have me humming that tune!


  49. “Sweet Caroline” (yes, Neil Diamond), is a Fenway Park tradition following the 7th inning.

    Let’s go Sox!

  50. Neil Diamond was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Why would a team from Boston, MA want to play a New Yorker’s song?

  51. Ok, Joe, do what you did to the Yankees in game 4!

  52. So the game is in Borowski’s hands.

    (I’m going to get some Rolaids.)


  54. Two quick outs. :D


    Does Coco Crisp have a sister named “Cherry Crisp”?

  56. 2 games to 1, Tribe.

    How about that #3 starter, eh?

  57. Hey, great watching the game with all of you!

    Tim Wakefield tomorrow night! LET’S HOPE SO!

  58. Fielding the Yankees? $190M.

    Fielding the Red Sox? $145M.

    Being 5-2 against them in the playoffs for under $68M?


  59. 6-1 Rockies in the bottom of the 4th.

    It’s all going down tonight for the snakes.

  60. […] that Eric “Lucky Break” Byrnes got the third out of the ninth inning. Here’s wishin’ the best for Cleveland (until Rocktober […]

  61. David Byrd is on the mound for the Tribe tonight. Chris, do you want your Maalox straight up, or on the rocks?

    I’m having my Maalox with a Pepto Bismal chaser!

  62. David Byrd was my comanding officer while I was in the Marine Corps! Oooops…I meant Paul Byrd!

    Still looking for Maalox shots tonight, with Pepto Bismal chasers w/ Byrd on the mound!

  63. Baseball is funny. You’d think we’d be comfortable with CC and Fausto, then popping Tums with Westbrook, but it didn’t work out that way.

    Anyway, both pitchers are heartburners tonight.

  64. The knuckler is moving so far. C’mon Wake!

  65. For both of you who follow this thread, we’re now talking about *Game 4*.

  66. 3 K’s in 2 innings? From Byrd? Like a wise man said a couple comments ago, “Baseball is funny.”

  67. Wake has FOUR after 2. :D

  68. FIVE after three.

  69. Tim throws garbage, and people swing at trash! Terrible for the Tribe!

  70. Byrd is doing well (so far), but…

  71. If the Indians just WAIT for a few pitches, Wakefield is bound to throw something they can hit when he falls behind in the count!

    I’m still waiting for Byrd to implode!


    1 – ZIP

  73. What does George Washington, and Tim Wakefield have in common?

    They’re BOTH history!

  74. Well, how about those 6-0 NE Patriots? :? 80

  75. Great football team!

  76. Well, Paul is imploding! Back to back slams!

  77. To back slams! Sheesh!

  78. Lewis does it again!

  79. Betancourt in the top of the 9th! Git ‘er done!

  80. Cleveland 7 – Boston 3. Cleveland leads the series 3 games to 1…1 WIN AWAY…!!!!!

  81. Greg, CC v. Beckett on Thursday! If there is ANY consolation, this may go back to Boston for a game 6!

  82. See you on Thursday (weather permitting) at 8pm!

  83. Chris, do we “win” anything if we have the 100th post on this thread like Joel use to “give away” when he had his old blog? #89

  84. Franklin!!! Nice running there Manny!

  85. Hey- the bright side is Boston is on the board first and Beckett is on the mound.


  86. I’m downing my Maalox as we speak!

  87. G-SIZE!!!! Good piece of hitting Guit! Pronk brings home G-Size!


  88. Beckett is a monster on the mound!


  89. MANNY!!!

    This should be a home run.

  90. It hit the yellow at the top of the fence! Manny’s running error keeps him at first! Even the announcers can’t make the call. Whew!!! Sweatin’ time!

  91. LUCKY!!!!!!!!


  92. Tito- lift Crisp for Ellsbury already!

  93. IF CC can make it through this inning, and the Tribe can get a few things going, then the bullpen can get it done (I hope)!


  94. WHEW!

  95. That almost-not-a-foul by Lowell would have been huge.

  96. After the ball left the bat, I was SWEATING big time!

  97. RATS!

  98. And THAT is why he’s Josh Beckett, my friends.

    Still 2-1 after five.

  99. Still a very close game and for CC that’s good!

  100. GO TRIBE!!!



  103. I know Wedge wanted CC to win the game, but it’s one batter roo late!

  104. I think you meant one batter YOOUUUU(k) late… :D

  105. What? Am I now Scooby Doo? “roo late”?

  106. LOL! That’s funny!

  107. Chris, you’re awfully quiet tonight!

  108. I’m home from a difficult night. Tracy, the lady in our church who had a stroke Monday morning—just out nowhere—died tonight at around 7:00. There is cause for rejoicing, as she is with the Lord whom she loves. Still, it’s another loss in a series of losses for our church family. Please pray for the Lord to work through this. It’s actually been amazing to see what He’s doing already.

    All that said, I’m still keeping an eye on the game, just with a little less passion than would otherwise be the case.

    Go Tribe.

  109. Sorry, Brother. Will be praying for you.

  110. Sorry, Chris. I know it must be a difficult time. I was thinking about Tracy this afternoon while at work.

    We may have prayed that she would be healed, but going home to be with her Savior IS healing, and this is so foreign to those who are lost. No longer is she suffering from the curse of this sinful nature, and the burdens of life. Yet, her family will need more prayer.

    The game seems so small now, and not because the Tribe is losing, but because others in the Family of God are suffering a loss.

  111. Didn’t mean to ruin the fun, guys. The Myers are big fans and the Tribe’s success has been a healthy sort of diversion.

    Anyway, Greg, feel free to talk smack all you want, while you have a chance. Notice the name of this thread.

  112. What fun?

  113. Let’s HOPE this can be a 7 run inning! Probably not, but let’s hope!

  114. See you at Fenway/

  115. See you in game 6 in Bahstun! :P

    Hope y’all have a good evening!

    Chris, we will pray for Tracy’s family, and yet we will still rejoice that she is now home!

  116. 3 up, 3 down. Is the old Schill back?

    Here we go, boys!

  117. There’s no doubt about the “old Schill.” I’m hoping for him to pitch like the “old Clemens.” :)

  118. Sox on the board first!


  119. Oops, nevermind. I was downstairs and read the scoreboard wrong. :(

  120. J



  121. J…D…Drew?

    I’m gonna puke.


    JD Drew- moves from “goat” to Sox legend in one swing.


  123. Awful quiet, Douggie…

  124. My wife and I were out for Sweetest Day!


    I should just go to bed…

  125. Just to clarify something:

    The BLAAAAAH is for the game, NOT for the dinner date I had with my wife!

    Thank you for understanding! :D

  126. I could feel the chill from the icy stare your received for those four minutes all the way here in Western Michigan! 8-O


    Hittin’ ’em where they ain’t.

    6-1 Sox.

  128. I am having major problems with “microsoft windows” tonight. It’s driving me NUTS!

  129. The television is now off. What took me so long?


    It is driving me crazy!

    Can anyone help the TRIBE tonight???

    Still one more game if the Tribe cannot make a comeback!

  131. I didn’t get an error report on that last comment…SHOCKING!

  132. And then again I received one on my last comment!

    There is STILL a lot of baseball to be played tonight. I have seen the Tribe come from 12 runs behind, and win a game (back in ’95)! It could happen!

  133. Greg, I am having WAY too many problems with windows tonight. Too many error reports. I will see if I can get someone to “fix” this sometime this week (I need this computer for Real Estate). I may not be able to make comments without interuption.

    GO TRIBE!!!

  134. Funny, the Tribe ‘s infield seems to be getting some of those same error reports, Doug… :D

    10-1 after four…

  135. LOL! That’s funny!

    It must be the Tribe rubbing off on my computer!

  136. I didn’y get an error report on that last comment! Maybe the Tribe can get some production tonight!

    BTW, win or lose, I will NOT make any comments tomorrow night! I won’t watch the game either. I promised my wife… :D

  137. I am still having too many problems with error messages, and I am not going to be on tomorrow night. I am shuting down my peice of junk computer, and talk to a friend of mine to see why I am having this problem. l will see all of you later. Oh, how I would love to blog tonight, but l am having too many problems!

  138. Uh oh- Gagne is in. Even though it is 12-2, the Tribe just might have a chance now…


  139. Advantage Red Sox.

    See you tomorrow night, boys…

  140. Winner take all. Here we go, boys.

    Dice-K looking good in the first.

  141. uh-oh, bad bounce for the indians…

  142. Bad hop, Pedroia scores. Sox on the board first.

    1-0 Boston.

  143. DON! Welcome to the party. Chris has a virtual leather La-Z-Boy and beverage of your choice right here for you. :D

  144. Bases loaded for Drew… 8)

  145. thanks… for the welcome. looks like the Bosox are on a roll so far

  146. oohh they dodged a bullet

  147. They did indeed.

    Slim lead, but we’ll take it.

  148. I don’t really have a dog in this fight, just interested in who the Rockies will face… I am kind of partial to the Rockies this year because they have a nice Canadian kid as their ace, Jeff Francis, who is from just across the water from us

  149. matzuzaka just cruising along so far

  150. ‘Tek doubles off the Monstah! :)

  151. DP, but a run scores. 2-0 Sox.

  152. ok, I got a little distracted there, my daughter was registering for a music exam… so far the sox are steady…

    The indians have to be a little nervous coming in to this, having been ahead 3-1 and now facing game 7. The psychology of a seven game series is quite interesting to watch

  153. Stink! There goes the no-no… :)

  154. well, you can’t have everything..

  155. Three innings, one hit, no runs for Dice-K.

    Still 2-0 Boston.

  156. he got him! That was a crucial out


  158. OK, Johnson, what’s up with the routin’ for the Red Sox deal?

    I am not breaking my oath! I don’t EVEN have the tv on at all! Promised my wife, no baseball tonight!

  159. No prob, Doug- just follow the action here at MTC…. :D

  160. Sac fly by Lowell. Youk scores. 3-0 Sox.

  161. I’m still having the same “error report” problem when I try to open up this blog, or when I try to open this thread if the blog opens. Then, after I try to hit “submit comment”, I get the “error report”.

    Can ANYONE tell me what’s going on with my computer (I may not be able to read the comments if l continue getting the error reports). :(

  162. Sorry I’m late.

    So far…not so good. And we’re dodging bullets in a big way. Just not enough.

    Think 3 is enough?

  163. hey, I’m not cheering for anyone! Just admiring good baseball… so far not seeing much from Cleveland, the sox just keep chipping away.

    Inning #4 coming up, we’ll see if Dice-K can last

  164. Let’s hope not!

    Error report???

  165. well, I’m not getting any errors

  166. In other news, my Broncos (who are going nowhere this year) are winning 14-7. That means I’m actually winning 14-10 overall. (sigh)

  167. Ok, not on that last comment, but…l’m shutting down to run a bug scanner to see if that may be the prob…

    GO TRIBE!!!

    It’s our turn now? Please?? Pretty please???

  168. Hafner finally gets a hit! I thought that was out. The Tribe really, really, really needs to get him home.

  169. We’re just not getting the big hit. Not Sizemore with a man on second in the 3rd, not Martinez here in the 4th.

  170. Garko!

    Boy, I thought that was gone, too. We’re hitting Dice-K all of a sudden. Nice battle for Garko!

  171. Tribe on the board. 3-1 Sox.

  172. Well, it’s a start. Nothing’s easy: the DP ball from Manny in inning 1 takes a bad hop; 2 near home runs stay in the park. It’s gonna be tough all night.

    Now we need to put up some 0’s.

  173. Nice DP to end the inning. Again. Finally, a 0 on the board. Now we need another run.

    Anyone else wonder why Garko didn’t step on 1st, then throw to 2nd for an easy tag?

  174. He was too far off the base. Would have risked not getting the runner at 2nd.

  175. 3-2!

    (Oh, yeah. The ump blew the call at second.)

  176. Gotta do it, Grady. Gotta get an rbi hit here, buddy. Gotta.

  177. Okay. Slowly but surely, we’re back in it, despite some tough breaks.

  178. Dice- b>K!


  179. The Sox go quietly in the 5th.

    It’s a very, very different game all of a sudden, eh? :)


  180. BTW, kudos to Wedge for sitting on his hands and letting Westbrook settle in. He battled early, but he’s looking pretty good in the last 2.

  181. Not watching…Not watching…Promise to my wife…Not watching…!

    Still getting msn error reports! Still no reason why.

    GO TRIBE!!!

  182. This is good baseball, I will say.

    Okajima is looking decent. Dice-K held his own.

  183. Iwo Jima…Uh, I mean Okinawa…Um, what’s his name is back on the mound?

    GO TRIBE (while I have no error report, I am sure after I try to post this, l’ll get one)!!!

  184. Going to bed, guys! Whoever wins, I HOPE they pound the Rocks into sand!

    Yes, Greg, I’ll root for the Sox IF they win!

    But for now… GO TRIBE!!! :D

  185. Good baseball, indeed. Tie it in the 7th, boys. Don’t wait any longer.

  186. Oops! Lofton on 2nd on Lugo’s error!

    (We’ll call it poetic justice.)

  187. DP…. c’mon…. DP….

  188. Oh, my. You’ve GOT to send the runner. Disastrous.

  189. PEDROIA! ROY! HR!!!!

    5-2 Sox!

  190. Wow. Little fella smoked it.

    That’s sports. You miss an opportunity and bad things happen.

  191. PAPELBON! w00t!


    6-2 Sox!

  193. The kicker? Your “bigs” didn’t do the damage in games 6-7. You got some nice contributions 1-9 (minus Lugo, I guess).

  194. The kids (Pedroia and Ellsbury) have come through. Even Lugo had a nice bunt to advance the runner (Ellsbury) who eventually scored…

  195. That’s the nail in the coffin.

  196. …and that’s the icing on the cake…


  197. Brutal. I know it sounds crazy in a 7-run game, but if we tie it in the 7th, who knows what happens. That was a big momentum shift.

    Also, our stellar pitching staff—our two 19-game winners and our back end (Perez & Betancourt)—just imploded.

    You guys got us. Congratulations.

    Now, go Rockies.

  198. Ummm…. the fat lady is singing?


  199. well… my sister is over, she says “this is too painful, let’s watch Gomer…” So we are going to watch an ancient episode of Gomer Pyle instead…

  200. I could use some Gomer about now.

    “Su-prise, su-prise, su-prise!”

    At least the Broncos won. Hurrah. :(

  201. RED SOX WIN!



  202. well, Chris, at least you were right about the 7

  203. but i’ll join you in pulling for the Rockies…

  204. Hey, Greg;


    However, there is a caveat. Because Cleveland USE to be in the AL East, Boston was one of my other favorite AL teams (I ALWAYS hated the Yankees). Sorry Chris, but…

    GO RED SOX!!!

    Man, that is soooo painful to say!

    There’s always NEXT YEAR, but how many times have the Cleveland Indian fans been sayingTHAT?

  205. BTW- Just thought I’d remind everyone that THE RED SOX WON!



  206. Hey Greg…


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