Parenting Series Available Online

Last Sunday I concluded an eight-week series on parenting entitled God’s Word for Your Family. The messages are all available online:

  1. Your Family Is Immeasurably Important
  2. Your Family Is Comprised of Sinners
  3. Your Family Needs the Gospel
  4. Your Family Needs God’s Grace
  5. Your Family Needs Instruction
  6. Your Family Needs Discipline
  7. Your Family Needs Your Example
  8. Your Family Needs the Local Church

I don’t pretend to have addressed the topic exhaustively, and I’m no parenting guru, but I’m hopeful the messages will be a help elsewhere as well as at TCBC. As I’ve said before, if I were to recommend one resource for parents to read, it would be MacArthur’s What the Bible Says About Parenting. It’s intentionally un-clever, which is a refreshing change from most books on parenting. Instead, it just brings the Bible to bear on the Christian home. I recommend it enthusiastically.

Next up for us at TCBC? 1 John. I’m pumped!


2 Responses

  1. I John? I have found books like that to be completely irrelevant to life. You need to preach a series on seven steps to successful business or something ;}

  2. Let me put a plug in for the “God’s Word For Your Family” series. I’ve listened to the first 7 and will be downloading #8 as soon as I get home. The messages are very easy to listen to, practical, and totally “un-clever.” In fact, after hearing a number of Chris’ messages, it’s clear to me that he is a master at being “un-clever.” :-) Seriously, he just tells what the Word says. They’ve been a blessing to my family and me and I believe I’m a better parent and more importantly a better child of God for having listened to them.

    Praise the Lord for simple, straight forward teaching from His Word. (And Chris really is a gifted speaker)

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