My Jesus Fair, with Chords for Guitar

Links for My Jesus, Fair:

Full Sheet Music / Half Sheet Music / Doctrinal Notes / MP3 Sample


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  1. You’re my hero.

  2. Have you written other hymns? I really appreciate the lyric and music for “My Jesus Fair.” I suspect I would benefit from other you may have written.


  3. Hi, Roger. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m glad the Lord has used My Jesus Fair!

    Greg & I worked together on a hymn entitled Holy, Mighty, Worthy, and it has been well received. You can get the pdf here.

    We’re working on several others. One called His Robes for Mine (available here) has been a blessing, and like My Jesus Fair, focuses on our justification. It’s probably been used in more churches than the others. At this point, it can be sung very effectively to the tune “Eventide” (generally used with Abide with Me). We’re working on a new tune and will post it when it’s ready.

    I Love Your Church (available here) is another I’ve worked on, but I think it needs some more work.

    We hope to make these and many others more readily available in the future, friend, so check back!

  4. Chris,

    Thank you for your faithfulness and willingness to share some excellent songs.


  5. […] During a break yesterday, I sang through “My Jesus Fair,” a new hymn written by Pastors Chris Anderson and Greg Habegger […]

  6. Thanks so much! My brother posted about your song on his blog. I am introducing it to my church in Korea, this coming Sunday. It will be sung in both English and Korean!

  7. Hi, Linda. Thanks for the encouragement!

    I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of something I wrote being sung in Korea—and in Korean. That’s awesome!

    Praise the Lord!

  8. Hi again,

    The people at my church absolutely love this song. I taught it to my 6th grade class (korean kids) as well, and they sang it for chapel. I wish that I had made a video of it. They sounded great, and one of the teachers said that it made her cry. People have told me that love the lyrics. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to more!

  9. My Jesus Fair was sung for special music Sunday morning. Many people mentioned the words pointing them to Christ. That’s what it’s all about.

  10. Ruperts,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Praise the Lord!

    Andy, who sang it at BCC?

  11. A friend brought your song, My Jesus Fair, to my attention and I would love to teach it to my church. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the chords for piano and guitar? Thank you and God Bless.
    In Christian Love,
    Jessica Boonstra

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