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I’ve often wondered if anyone else hates “inspirational” posters as much as I do. Turns out, someone does. The difference? They’re making money off of their disdain by producing “Demotivators.” Their motto? “Increasing success by lowering expectations.” Beautiful! Here’s an example of their shtick, a motivational poster entitled, um, Motivation:

If a pretty poster and a cute saying are all it takes to motivate you, you probably have a very easy job. The kind robots will be doing soon.

When you have a little free time or when you need a good belly laugh, check out these uninspiring attempts. They had me in stitches.

My favorites: Ambition, Arrogance, Consistency, Despair, Dysfunction, Incompetence, Limitations, Regret, Retirement.

If you want to waste four more minutes, watch this management training video. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

(HT: Don Johnson)

Related: If you like these, you’ll love the Emergent Church posters over at Pyromaniacs.


8 Responses

  1. Yeah, but don’t miss GOALS. And the second one on Sacrifice …

    Anyway, I have to admit that I got the link from someone else as well on an e-mail list I am on.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  2. Very funny. I was laughing so hard my wife came into the room to check on me. My favorite is “Wishes”. It probably is because of my very weird sense of humor. Thanks for opportunity to laugh uncontrollably for 15 minutes!

  3. I love the
    stupidity, agony, failure mediocrity and defeat.

  4. And that video is very funny too.

  5. Ah, yes, we’ve had several of their calendars, and we gave posters as gifts to our wedding attendants! What a riot this site is!

  6. […] (More favorites here.) […]

  7. […] I’ve been reading too many Demotivators?) […]

  8. Chris, I *love* many of the demotivator posters at and have done several blog posts on them – and where I made some of my own, giving a link where you can make your own. Quite fun, especially if you have a funny picture that’s just screaming out for some concise, sarcastic commentary. :-)

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