Wannabe Sacred Sandwich 02

Let’s try this again. An explanation & the 2 rules can be found here.

WSS 02

(HT: The real Sacred Sandwich & its Dubious Photojournalism, which crack me right up. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)


24 Responses

  1. Not many visitors made it past the greeters at the Holy Joe Tabernacle.

  2. Don wins…:)

    He gets extra points just for the sheer surprise of it all.

  3. “Bruthas n sistas, we at the First Self-Righteous Holy Ghost Church invite you to c’mon in and plant a seed of faith. Dis heah big book in mah han’ say dat e’ry time you plant da seed you gets biiiiiiiiiig returns…….”

  4. Brother Wood had taken the old “the bigger the Bible the better the Christian” thing to a whole new level. The smaller and less brawny Deacon Sims, indignant, hid his pocket New Testament.

  5. The real reason Dr. Narod rejected the two book theory was that the one time he tried it, it gave him a hernia.

  6. Pastor Coltrane and Deacon Cooter catch a breath of fresh air in between sessions at the latest Sword of the Lord conference.

  7. I think we have a winner! :) Try to beat Andrew, but it’ll be tough.

    (Commentary from Rosco P. Coltrane)

  8. “I can’t believe we had to dress up like this just to get on My Two Cent’s! Hopefully, Bixby at Pensees won’t notice the book we stole out of his library called ( Theology for Rednecks ). “

  9. After much discussion, Charles Taze Russell finally adds Joseph Rutherford to the list of 144,000 witnesses.

  10. We voluntee’ud to teach Sunday School, but da Preacher gave us this here Chilton’s bus man-u-al and said we’d be mightily used of da Spirit out there in dat bus barn gettin’ our faces greasy for da Lord!

  11. After four straight losses, loyal Michigan alumni A. Maized and I.M. Blue still stand tall, waxing eloquent about how losing by 30 points to a team from the Pac-10 is much more honorable than losing a squeaker to Division 6b Apple Eatin’ State . . . even if they are called the Ducks.

  12. UUUmmmph!! Moan.

  13. Can you imagine these two showing up at your house for “door to door vegitation”? If they ask me to come to church, I’m there! I just need to know if it is a traditional or contemporary service.

  14. Andy that’s a great one.

  15. After several days in closed meetings with the alumni of Hyles-Anderson College, Alums Jeb McCoy, and Zeke Miller were proud to anounce the new edition; “Memorable Sayings of Jack Hyles”. The alumni agreed the book ranks up there with the AV1611 as being “almost” inspired!

  16. Delmar and Leroy, strutting new owners of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit abridged version from the folks at the Sword, emerge from a local shop.

    Who needs 63 volumes when one will do?

  17. When asked if Pastor Whittle, and Pastor Snodgrass (seen here outside the church office) went to any formal college for their training, all Pastor Whittle had to say was, “All we needs is a Strong’s Cancordance and the VENERABLE AV1611. I just happen to have BOTH in this here volume”! Pastor Snodgrass said a hearty, “AMEN”!

  18. C’mooon, Glory!! We is ready. I say…we is ready!

  19. (Because it’s waaaaaaay too easy):

    After 12 weeks work with little sleep, food, or drink, Jack Hyles (left), and Russell Anderson (right) emerge with the new “Hyles-Anderson College Student Handbook” seen in Doc Jack’s arms. One memorable statement from Jack was, “Wow, does Russ stink”!

  20. Ya’all pray for Brother Lester. These are the glory days of his and Chauncey’s Sword Drill Champeenship; but with Lester’s failing eyesight, he may have to purchase a Large Print Edition.

  21. Snodgrass and Crattle, seen here leaving TCBC with Pastor Andersons Sunday sermon hardcopy….

  22. Wow. That was brutal. Clever, but brutal. :)

    Remember, I know where you live…

  23. with friends like that…

    very funny, eh? Probably not true, or else the book would be bigger…

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

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