A Mulligan for Michigan? Ouch.

No Division I-AA team has ever beaten a ranked Division I-A team. Ever. Until now. Thud.

Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32.

Yes: Appalachian State. I had to look up the correct way to spell it. And it happened at Mulligan. Er, Michigan. In front of 107,000 fans. And they were ranked #5.

Breaks my heart. (Heh, Heh.)


23 Responses

  1. Oh MAN!!! I hope App. State’s band played “Hail to the Victors” as they drove away. GO BUCKEYES!!!

  2. Nice Anderson!

    Mourn with they who mourn! Very nice! I was happy for the “appalachian dragon beetle” to finally have it’s day in the Sun…..but wow….you’re just mean to our mutual friends there in Michigan.

    Straight Ahead!


  3. Wait, now. I’m rejoicing with Apple-achin…or whoever they are.


  4. It may have been a bit unexpected, but it’s far from dishonorable … after all, App State is (reigning) two-time national champs.

    (full disclosure: I say that as a proud North Carolinian … not a Michigan fan)

  5. And I was there to watch history. Stunning.

  6. I’m sure they could handily beat Ohio State as well!

  7. Appalachian State really is a good team. It’s not like they snuck it out with a bunch of Boise St. type trick plays. They played well.

    Dave, you’re giving me the first twinge of guilt I’ve had since posting this. Just a twinge, mind you. Talk about a game full of ups and downs. Tough one to watch, I’m sure.

    I do feel bad for Lloyd Carr, for two reasons:

    1. This will do him in. He’s done. He seems like a decent fellow from the interview, too. Seriously.

    2. He was great for OSU.

  8. Here’s a nice link from Andy Rupert: Columbus Dispatch poll.

    (Notice the big, 4-digit number on the right, BTW.)

  9. It makes me a little more glad to be in Michigan right now…

  10. Actually Chris, It’s nice to know that Appalachian State is now known for something other than a place for students who like to ski.

  11. As a BIG TEN fan, I was (uh hum) disappointed with Mulligan!

    Chris, Carr should have been gone long ago (ala John Cooper), though I think he’s a great coach! I think he will be canned if OSU beats him again this year.

  12. It will be all the more devastating when they beat OSU, now, won’t it. (Lame, I know, but what else can be said?)

  13. Yeah, it’s kinda slim pickins for trash-talkers up north these days. Nice try, though.

  14. But if they happen to run the table (I am seeing at least one more loss there with EMU on the schedule;
    I am consulting my crystal ball and seeing a 9-3 kind of year, maybe a game to either side.) willt they be saying they should play for a national championship anyway?

    I thought it was interesting that Hart said (as I read somewhere) something about teams that can’t beat I-AA teams can’t be champions in I-A football. I wonder if he will be singing the same tune if Michigan wins out.

  15. All I can say is, I’m all cried out.

    Ok, there is more I can say. I knew a couple guys in seminary who played for Ap State. They seemed REALLY tough. There was a guy from the town where I lived who went to play there. He ran REALLY fast.

  16. As an Oregon Duck fan, PAC 10 fan, I was delighted to see Ap. St. beat Mich. However, my elation lasted about 10 seconds, for I remembered my Fighting Ducks go to Mich. this week. O man, we would have to play them after, what may be, the biggest upset in College football history. Those Wolverines are going to be out to tear up duck meat.

    Go Ducks

  17. You only get one mulligan every nine, right?

  18. The way I see it, Ben, when you’re just a duffer playing for fun (as opposed to the big boys playing for prizes), I think it’s really up to you. Who’s counting?

    “Fore!” (Or, more aptly, “Four!”)

  19. Update…Michigan LOST to Oregon this past Saturday 39-(does it matter?)!!! THEY LOST…AGAIN!

  20. I”m almost feeling sorry for them … almost.

  21. Wow. That’s exactly what Ben said. Go figure.

    Of course, pity is almost worse than disdain. :)

  22. Well, the Wolverines won’t go 0-11 after all. Congratulations.

    Seriously, I was cheering for you today. Sometimes football has to take a back seat to theology.

  23. THanks Man– I was trying to evaluate Led Zeppelin all the while you were watching football. It looks like at least you were writing hymns during the commercials and halftime. Hopefully the tune doesn’t sound like “Across the Field.”

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