Wannabe Sacred Sandwich 01

The Sacred Sandwich provides hilarious and occasionally insightful descriptions of odd old photographs—what it calls “Dubious Photojournalism.” It cracks me right up.

Believing that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I figured I’d give it a try & see what the readers of MTC can come up with, and my day off is the perfect day to give it a go. Here’s your first opportunity to be a SS Photojournalist Wannabe: Provide a comical caption for the following photo. The winner will receive a lifetime subscription to MTC.

Two rules: don’t be irreverent and be reasonably nice.

Wannabe Sacred Sandwich 01


25 Responses

  1. Dissidens and his praise band thought the orchard a perfect place for some Tersteegen until the Philistines began throwing crab apples.

  2. Request night was going well until someone shouted, “Can you play In the Garden”?

  3. What do you mean you don’t like the new praise band but want to stick with traditional music? (Look at our faces.) We are here to stay in this church, and if you don’t like it you can leave.

  4. “Why kinda church do you think this is, Mister?” asked the usher after several moments of awkward silence.

    The whole revival meeting had ground to a halt—right in the middle of Beulah Land—when the visitor on the front row lifted his hands while singing.

  5. “Today’s worship wars ain’t nothin compared to the time the new praycher confuscated Cousin Lulu’s brown jug, breakin’ up the Grits-N-Gravy Gospel Sangers.”

  6. A young Scott Aniol lectures his parents and sister on the errors of “In the Garden”

  7. Did you say “young,” Frank? That picture was taken last week! :D

  8. Boy, I sure hope I grow up to look like dad….

  9. The King James Bible says that we should be “peculiar people” and we mean to obey it.

  10. The Finkmeisters are dumbfounded as they listen to Miss Teen South Carolina explain map-challenged people everywhere like such as…the Iraq.

  11. A new study out last week showing the benefits of “old-time gospel music” on fruit trees has created quite a stir in the CCM community.

    Groups like “Chubby Cherry and the Pits” (pictured above) are touring orchards all across the country belting out traditional favorites. “The apples just love my screamin’ electric fiddle, and oranges are partial to Ma’s driving drum solos.” declared Wailin’ Willie Phelps.

  12. “Proving the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, young Horace Frumpkin stole the show boosting Granny’s percussion in family gospel hoedowns.”

  13. Let’s try to be a little nicer. Jason Janz needed some musical talent for his downtown Denver ministry and this was all he could afford.

  14. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard The Holy City performed by a violin/percussion/yodler ensemble.

  15. Grandma models a modest hoop skirt.

  16. After three weeks of singing Nearer, Still Nearer accompanied by a fiddle and bass drum, even Bruther Janz longed to have the old organ back.

  17. Not pictured: Granny Frump on worsh bord, “Pops” Yoder on whiskey jug, an Uncle Fred on banjo.

  18. No Jew’s harp? No harmonica? No spoons? No upside down wash bucket thingy with a stick & rope (whatever it’s called)?

  19. I still think she looks like a peg person bent in half (as in modest hoop skirt).

  20. Howard, having soiled his best shirt in the pie-eating contest, was relegated to wearing Momma’s ‘reserve frock’.

  21. Are we allowed to vote? I love the comment “Beth” made! ‘Bout lost it at work…

  22. There it is, then. Chalk up one point for Beth & Blondes. :)

  23. One vote for Frank Sansone’s shot across the bow of the SS Aniol. partial vote for your follow-on comment.

  24. So Aniol is tied with the beauty queen. Priceless.

  25. Here I thought the blonde you were referencing WAS Aniol.

    Beth’s comment had me in stitches too. Must be the Golson in her!

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