A Barbershop Quartet on Congregational Singing

Jonathan Edwards and Bob Bixby belt out a duet on the virtues of congregational singing over here. Great post, Bob. I say if you’re not hoarse on Monday morning, your heart’s probably not right. (Yeah, I know: hoarseness would reveal improper technique. Whatever.) Here are two gems from Maestro Bob, the Unrefined:

“When a congregation feels its redemption individually, it brings the roof down corporately.”

“The music that dominates our church must be congregational.”

By the way, Mark Dever and I have sung the “Congregational Singing Is Swell” chorus…er, hymn…too: here and here. We’ll turn Bob’s duet into a quartet: Dever can be the bass, I’ll be the baritone.

On second thought, just thinking about Bob squealing out the first tenor part of a men’s quartet makes me all the more committed to congregational singing. Yikes.


One Response

  1. I believe in the verse where it says, “…making melody in your hearts to the Lord”. Let’s just say I sing tenor, would you rather me sing 15 miles away? There’s the key of “C”, the key of “G”, then there’s the key of “OFF”! That’s me! Nothing says a joyful “noise” than me singing! I say it may not be joyful, but it is noise!

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