“Lord, send my children into your service.”

Mike Goldfuss, one of my dear friends and a faithful missionary to Mexico City, recently responded to the discussion on how to best keep missions before your church. His entire comment is worth reading—in fact, the entire thread is invaluable, I think, containing thoughts from missionary Stephen King (Germany), Dan Anderson (Brazil), Don Johnson (Canada), David Hossaflook (Albania), Mike Goldfuss (Mexico) and a number of other pastors and missions-minded believers.

What particularly caught my attention is the role Mike’s parents played in developing his heart for missions. Mike tells how his dad, a faithful elder at Bible Community Church in Mentor, Ohio, who is now with the Lord, would pray the same prayer every night after dinner:

“Lord, send my children into your service.”

The Lord has graciously done so. Praise the Lord! What a vision for the Lord’s work! And what a heart to demonstrate to and duplicate in your own children! Amen!

Mike Goldfuss Family

BTW, blog posts generally have a shelf-life of 2-3 days. I’m so pleased that that good thread has continued to hold some attention, and I’m grateful for those who have posted. I’m one who needs to be more missions-minded myself if I am to lead my church in that direction more effectively. I welcome the comments, and hope there will be more! Frankly, many blog posts are useless (or nearly so). Here’s one that’s of eternal value. Chime in!


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