Top This: Bull 1, Man 0

Man runs from bull. Bull catches man. Ouch.

(Warning: not for the squeamish. On the other hand, my local paper printed the picture, so how bad can it be?)

Question 1: Why is it that men do this, while women generally watch from a safe distance?

Question 2: Since we’re on a “reader input” roll, can you name anything people do that is dumber and dangerouser?

(Yes, I did that on purpose. And yes, mindless posts like this reveal the depth of pastors’ thoughts on Sunday nights. Shocking, eh?)


10 Responses

  1. Responding to question #1, women (and cows) are “demanding” equal play… :)

  2. Ellis…………..if you can’t tell the difference between a cow and a bull……….maybe that’s why some guys had so much trouble dating in college!

  3. Question 1: well, they’re hard-wired for that kind of thing (the men), and so are the women, for that matter. Yes, women today are demanding equal play, but there much less women for all that.

    Question 2: Oh sheesh. I can think of dozens and dozens. You-tube is chock full of candidates for Darwin Awards. Do a search on “bungee-jump” for starters. “Successful” bungee-jumps don’t make it to You-tube. Only the ones that involve face-plants into boulders and similar things.

  4. Wow, that is gross. Photoshopped???

  5. Question: Dumber and dangerouser?

    Answers: 1.) Bungee jumping; 2.) Base jumping; 3.) Ignoring God!

  6. Sure! That looks like the size of the needle they used to put an IV into my arm right before they removed my gall bladder!

    That had to hurt juuuuuuuust a little bit!

  7. As to question #1, perhaps women have their sense of danger and excitement fulfilled in marrying us. Which would you rather do? Marry you for life or be chased by a bull for a few minutes?

  8. LOL. The bull’s not sounding so dangerouser all of a sudden, Larry. How’s that for some perspective?

    Man, my wife is nuts.

  9. Here’s “The Rest of the Story” from the article that accompanied the picture:

    “Another participant, Christopher Neiff, 24, of Norway, had the bull’s horn tear into his skin and slide under the skin right up to his knee. Festival organizers said Neiff had a nearly 5-inch wound, but that the bone was not affected.”

  10. […] 2, Men 0 August 14th, 2007 — Chris I thought of this post when I saw this Big Papi commercial during the Denver Broncos’ game last night.  I thought […]

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