The Gong Show + Puccini = Paul Potts

Fact #1: Televised talent shows—from The Gong Show to Star Search to American Idol and its countless progeny—are just chintzy.

Fact #2: This is a cool story anyway, and it’s fun to watch an ordinary guy do something extraordinary. Chalk one up for the underdog:

Paul Potts

(HT: Beth)


2 Responses

  1. Wow! Wow! Did I say “Wow!”?

    The only time I sing is in the shower, and I’m still sing off-key (don’t stand next to me in church when the hymns are sung either). This guy is awesome!

  2. Well, I don’t think these guys have anything to worry about, but I couldn’t do it. And it was better than the monkey and the breakdancers. :)

    You want “Wow!”? Try this.

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