How Wicked Is Sin? Look at the Cross.

Consider these gems from two of my favorite dead men.

“No proof of the fullness of sin, after all, is so overwhelming and unanswerable as the cross and passion of our Lord Jesus Christ and the whole doctrine of His substitution and atonement. Terribly black must that guilt be for which nothing but the blood of the Son of God could make satisfaction. Heavy must that weight of human sin be which made Jesus groan and sweat drops of blood in agony at Gethsemane and cry at Golgotha, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” (Matt. 27:46). (J. C. Ryle, Holiness, ch. 1)

“[L]et us abhor the sin which brought such agony upon our beloved Lord. What an accursed thing is sin, which crucified the Lord Jesus! Do you laugh at it? Will you go and spend an evening to see a mimic performance of it? Do you roll sin under your tongue as a sweet morsel, and then come to God’s house, on the Lord’s day morning, and think to worship him? Worship him! Worship him, with sin indulged in your breast! Worship him, with sin loved and pampered in your life?….Sin murdered Christ; will you be a friend to it? Sin pierced the heart of the Incarnate God; can you love it?” (Spurgeon, Metropolitan Tabernacle, sermon #2133, vol. 36, p. 180; also in Words of Jesus Christ from the Cross, p. 44)

If memory serves, the same point is made in the articles on sin in The Fundamentals. I’ve found the articles on sin to be particularly valuable spiritually (as opposed to merely historically).

I’m also reading A Fight to the Death by Wayne and Joshua Mack (on which I plan to post soon), and they spend the first 5 chapters of the book describing the exceeding sinfulness of sin. I agree with my departed friends, though: nothing shows sin’s heinousness like the price required to atone for it. Terrible.

Lord, make us hate that which You hate—and that which You paid so much to remove from us!


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  1. More from Ryle, this time from his commentary on Matthew 27:

    “Let the expression sink down into our hearts, and not be forgotten. We can have no stronger proof of the sinfulness of sin, or of the vicarious nature of Christ’s sufferings, than His cry, ‘My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?’ It is a cry that should stir us up to hate sin, and encourage us to trust in Christ.”

  2. hi Chris

    Good stuff. The Spurgeon quote seemed to me to be especially stirring, but it is probably because it is from a sermon, not a commentary.

    We should think about this when we are amused at many motion picture shows, eh? And quite a few other things.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  3. May God indeed be merciful to me, a poor sinner. For the sake of his Son, Jesus Christ, may I cling to the precious promise of his atoning grace by which I am truly saved.

    Father, deliver me from all unrighteousness, uphold me by your Holy Spirit, and may your grace continue to sustain all who proclaim your Gospel unto salvation. Thank you, Father, for Chris Anderson and his ministry. Continue to give him your blessings as he proclaims the power of the Gospel to those in his charge and the world through this blog. To God only belongs all the praise and glory for what he has done by the gift of his Son. Amen

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