Christ’s Life and Death: “What God hath joined together…”

I thought this odd, especially in light of our conversation on Christ’s active righteousness a few weeks back.  I. M. Haldeman, writing on the holy of holies in his book The Tabernacle, Priesthood and Offerings, makes the following statement:

“Let it be impressed upon the heart of every believer that we draw nigh to God, enter within the secret place of communion and fellowship with Him, not by the life of Christ, but by His death.” (p. 131, emphasis his)

Perhaps he is saying more than he intended, and merely trying to display that it is by the blood of Christ that we have access to God.  However, to make such a strong a dichotomy between Christ’s life and death is unwise at best, and grossly inaccurate at worst: (a) as if His death would mean anything apart from His perfect life, and (b) as if we would have access to God were it not for the imputed righteousness of Christ.

Fellowship requires not only that sin’s debt be paid, but that positive holiness be possessed. Christ’s life and death were inseparable.  Neither would be sufficient without the other.  Both were essential to our salvation.  Both gain us entrance into the presence of a God that should otherwise damn us this instant.  Praise God for the life and death of Christ.


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  1. […] by virtue of His blood and imputed righteousness (or passive and active obedience; see here and here). Thus, you claim His name and authority in prayer, not your own. You use His key to gain access […]

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