What I’m Reading: The Murder of Jesus

Murder of JesusI’m preaching through Matthew, and I’m about to wrap up chapter 27. The focus on Christ’s sacrificial death has been great for me and for TCBC to meditate on. Amazing. There are many resources available, but I’ve especially appreciated MacArthur’s The Murder of Jesus. MacArthur combines data from all of the gospels, provides extra-biblical data where appropriate, and does a good job making spiritual applications from the text.

 I’m not sure where I got the book, but it’s been helpful every week. For whatever reason, you can pick it up for under $5 on-line. Good stuff.

BTW, challies.com reviews the book here.


4 Responses

  1. I finished the last two chapters today, in which MacArthur deals reverently with the 7 cries from the cross, and with the miracles that attended Christ’s death. Sobering, glorious truth.

    Now, I don’t want to inspire controversy where worship is the only appropriate response. However, I do want to note two statements MacArthur makes which are theologically significant. MacArthur seems to support a limited or particular view of the atonement:

    “Here’s what was happening on the cross: God was punishing His own Son as if He had committed every wicked deed done by every sinner who would ever believe.” (p. 219, emphasis mine)

    “Few if any of [the pilgrims who came to Jerusalem to observe the Passover] realized the vital truth that God’s true Paschal Lamb was dying that very day to provide forgiveness for all the sins of all the saints of all time.” (p. 227, emphasis mine)

    I hadn’t read or heard his views on this issue previously, and I am a bit surprised. Interesting.

  2. He’s a Calvinist. 5 points all the way!

  3. I’ve got a Mac study Bible and it’s pretty obvious that MacArthur is a 5 pointer. Not any doubt at all.

  4. If you’re interested, this is available new for only $5 at CBD.

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