How Larry Rogier Made My Day

I got to enjoy a cup of coffee yesterday with my long-time friend, Larry Rogier. In addition to catching up on personal things, we “talked shop,” especially about congregational singing and leading in worship. Larry made a comment during that conversation that brought me great joy. We were talking about introducing new songs to our congregations, and he mentioned that they had recently enjoyed singing His Robes for Mine. Here’s the kicker: he knew that I had posted it on My Two Cents, but he didn’t know that I wrote it. He just assumed that it was a “real” song, and he appreciated it, even though (or maybe because) he didn’t know the author. I respect Larry’s knowledge of Scripture and theology and his heart for Christ-centered worship a great deal, so the comment was a particular blessing. Praise the Lord!

His Robes for Mine is the result of my meditations on the wonder of justification, particularly Christ’s active and passive obedience in our stead. The price paid for our redemption should never be far from our minds. As I’ve been mentioning in recent posts, we need to be thinking of Christ more often, more dependently, and more adoringly. If His Robes for Mine can be useful in directing you Christward, whether personally or congregationally, please use it. Print it in your bulletin. Shine it on your screen. Whatever. But give it a look, and think again of Christ’s blood and righteousness.

And thanks, Larry. You made my day!


4 Responses

  1. Boy… Larry struck me as being a little more… [i]discerning[/i]…

    Then again, doesn’t he like the Tigers? :D

    (BTW- Good song, Chris.)

  2. Thanks. I think. :)

  3. I come over from Larry’s blog and see this discussion on worship. I wish I could have joined you two in the coffee shop (though I hate coffee). When are you both going to come to Idaho?

    These days, I have been rooted in John 4:23-24. Bob Gonzales (working on his disertation for his Ph.D in O.T. interp at BJ) just sent me a tremendous two sermon series on this topic. His final application of these verses is fascinating . . . rooted in the regulative principle.


  4. Hey, Chris,

    I love to see pastors writing hymns! Can I make a suggestion? Well, I’m going to anyway :-) My wife’s best friend, Eileen Berry, works for the BJU Press. She has taught poetry at BJ and has written several texts for Dan Forrest and others. Would you consider forwarding her a copy? She is brilliant, though you wouldn’t suspect it from just talking to her because of her sweet, humble spirit. She goes to Minnick’s church so she has depth of theological understanding and a breadth of poetry experience.

    Also, what would you think about having an original tune written for it? My friend, Michael Bryson, is finishing up his doctoral work in Texas in composition. His hymn “In Him, We Are One” made it to a finalists round in a hymn writing competition at Pepperdine University and was presented and judged yesterday. (Haven’t heard how it went.)

    Just MY $.02,

    Dave Stertzbach

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