Blah, Blah, Blah about Me, Me, Me

Well, I’ve been taggedtwice [edit: thrice]—in the “tell some little known things about yourself” game. This feels a bit narcissistic, and I’m so painfully transparent that there’s not a lot left to tell, so feel free to go read something else. Anyway, here goes…

1. I’ve been pulled over for speeding 8-10 times, but I’ve never had a ticket. It’s a gift.

2. I play the trombone & have been in all sorts of bands: concert, marching, stage, and even Dixie Land. Dixie Land was my favorite music to play. On the other hand, playing with the BJU Symphonic Band at the Peace Center for Governor Beasley & the families of gulf war soldiers at the “Operation Homefront” rally in 1991 was probably the most exhilarating performance experience of my life. Singing with Dr. Cook and the Chorale was fantastic, too. I was waaaaaay out of my league.

2b. I haven’t touched my trombone for 5 years.

3. I’m great at picking out clothes for my wife. I’m not proud of this fact, but it’s true.

4. In the last 2 years, I’ve almost totally eliminated junk food (including soda) from my diet. That’s surprising, because prior to that time, junk food was my diet, especially Mt. Dew. I just don’t like it now (except with pizza), either because (a) I’m exercising, or (b) I’m getting old. I vote for choice (a).

4b. I grew up calling soda “pop,” but now I call pop “soda.”

4c. Microwave popcorn is not junk food.

5. I played tennis in high school and was the captain of my public school’s tennis team. My senior year, my partner and I qualified for the state tournament in doubles. We lost in the first round—big time—but hey, we were there.

6. I enjoy the humor of Stephen Wright, Patrick McManus and Mary Roach.

7. I was a juvenile delinquent as a 5-year-old. I got caught smoking cigarettes with my big brothers. My dad’s response? He locked us in our shed with two packs of smokes & wouldn’t let us out ’til they were gone. Apparently it worked, as I don’t smoke today. On the other hand, if I get lung cancer. . .

8. You know the line that says “measure twice, cut once”? Well, I’ve been engaged twice and married once. So has my wife, and our strategy is working.

My turn to tag some friends (to whom I apologize in advance): :)

Greg, Dan, Larry, Ben, Frank, Andy 1, and Andy 2


17 Responses

  1. Diet Mountain Dew is not food (no calories) … and it tastes like regular Mountain Dew!

    So buy yourself a bottle of “zero proof moonshine” (as it was originally marketed) and enjoy.

    “I’m great at picking out clothes for my wife. I’m not proud of this fact, but it’s true”. Time to repent … give your wife the CC and let her pick out her own clothes. Tip … she will let you pick out your own car and other important things!

  2. Ditto to the Peace Center concert.

    And Stephen Wright.

    I need to hear the engagement stories now. Or at least who the first one was. :-)

  3. If memory serves, Beth, you talked me into the Chorale by softening up Dr. cook. I appreciate that.

    And no.

  4. Tagged “twice,” eh?

    Great to know where I stand.

  5. Diet Mtn. Dew does not taste like regular Mtn. Dew (unless there’s been a lot of changes in, wow, almost twenty years. There I go feeling old again….

  6. Double Dittos on the Peach Center Concert. My (now) husband talked Dr. Turner into letting me play since I wasn’t in the Band that semester. It was amazing!!

  7. Oops. Sorry, Dan. I had seen your post, but didn’t notice. Make that “thrice.”

    Scott & Jim, Diet Mt. Dew is like decaf coffee or n/a beer. Why bother? :)

  8. Diet Mt. Dew is the nector of the gods.

  9. Did the speeding occur during the Mountain Dew phase, by any chance?

  10. I have NEVER had a speeding ticket in all of my driving record, however I have been pulled over for speeding on several occassions!

    Once, while driving to my grandfather’s viewing, a highway patrolman was turning West onto SR 3 from a side road, just North of Sunbury, Ohio while I was driving East. I was doing 65 in a 55 zone. I thought because he was going the opposite from me, he would miss that 65 speed. Nope! He whipped in behind me, and closed on my car. I pulled to a stop when he kicked on his lights. When he walked up to my car, the first question he asked was, “So, whose funeral are you late to?” What? I told him my granddad passed away, and I was one of the pall bearers, and I was just running a little late. He said, “Oh, well, please slow down! I don’t want you to end up like your grandfather!” With that he went back to his patrol car, and turned around to go back West. Whew…I was lucky!

  11. Don’t know if “out of your league” is right. You fit in very well with all of us. Oh, and the nector of the gods is Diet Dr. Pepper. Try it and you will be hooked!

  12. Hi Chris,
    Don’t bother with the diet soft drinks (I.E Pop and Soda). Migraines my boy!
    P.S. I had a beagle named “Soda” but enough about me.

  13. Funny story, Julie: my first day in Chorale, I’m put in with the tenors—seated right between Wes and Collin Richards. Nice.

    Totally intimidated by their big voices, I hardly make a peep. Finally Collin tells me, “You can go ahead and sing, you know.” Sure. As if it would make a difference. :)

    Chorale was one of the best things about my time at BJU. I’m grateful to have had the oppportunity.

    Hi, Len! Don’t worry about the diet soda. Not gonna happen.

    You coming to Pastor’s Conference this year again?

  14. Chris,
    I don’t drink coffee but I drank it straight for 5 days in Januray when we drove back from Mentor to Mexico. After 5 days, I tried the diet dew with just as much caffeine. It tastes better then coffee and kept me awake.

    I smoked once in my life too–when I was about 5. My dad had me go outside on Christmas morning and burn the trash in our big burn barrel. All the Christmas wrapping paper and stuff was in the garbage. I saw a big cardboard wrapping paper tube on fire on one end with smoke pouring out the other end. So, I thought I would try smoking. Acchhh, cough, wheeeze, die. (It had NO FILTER.) And, it was hot and I think I may now have lung cancer from one puff of an unfiltered cardboard wrapping paper tube. Fortunately there was snow on the ground and I was eating snow so fast that that may have saved me a little. All I know is that it cured me of ever wanting to smoke again. So much so that I’ve even pondered having my kids smoke a wrapping paper roll, but alas, we have no snow in Mexico City to ease the pain.

  15. Chris,
    You think you were intimidated? Try singing next to them for several years. I think I’m deaf in my right ear! In fact, I still have Wes sing on that side for our duets if he takes the high notes (if I could figure out the smile thing, there would be one right here!). Chorale memories, now those are great!
    BTW, I found your sight while playing around with google and the word Basilean. Go figure. The discussion from last summer and Basil guys was the hit I got. Okay, actually it was “Basilean cheerleaders”, aren’t you glad I told you that? (insert another laughing smile icon) :)

  16. Hi, Julie, I’d email you but there’s no link…sorry, Chris, for the hijack!

    Wes had one of my favorite voices EVER. I remember when you guys were still in denial about being together…:-)

    Does he or you both have any recordings?

  17. Hi Chris,
    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you. I cannot make it to the Pastor’s Conference this year. Give everyone my best.
    We will be coming to the men’s retreat in the fall. Hope to see you there. Until then I’ll stop by the blog from time to time and say hi. I like your site!!
    P.S. Did you know that “Buckwheat” from the “Our Gang” TV series is still alive? He recently changed to Islam and now calls himself “Kareem of Wheat.” More bad jokes to follow!

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