Mohler on Morals and Soapboxes

Mohler’s post today is really good.  He notes that everybody has a soapbox.  Everybody.  While the old morality issues are given a pass, the new morality issues are preached from the housetops:

“All but the truly nihilistic have some moral compass, some moral convictions, some moral causes — even if they are tobacco, trans-fats, and SUVs.”

Good stuff.  It’s not that we’ve done away with sin; we’ve just redefined it, from that which offends God to that which effects the environment and our bodies.  I particularly enjoyed this little barb:

 “What’s next, any movie with trans-fats is to be given an adult rating?”

That’s rich. Anyway, give it a read and find out why Pinocchio (the little wretch) may soon be rated R.

Speaking of “new morality issues,” Susan Brooks, President of Chicago Theological Seminary, provides an illustration of Mohler’s point with this critique of Falwell and the Moral Majority:

“The Moral Majority in some ways redefined the word ‘moral,’ or at least so narrowed it that it became synonymous with issues of sexuality: abortion, homosexuality and pornography. Moral issues such as poverty were squeezed out of the public square by the very efficient work of this lobbying group.”

Addressing “abortion, homosexuality and pornography” under the guise of “morality”?  Shocking.  Falwell should have gone after trans-fats and SUVs. At least his epitaphs would have been kinder.


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