North America, South America, and Mexico

I recently posted on C. J. Mahaney’s book The Cross Centered Life. I enjoyed it. One of my favorite lines comes not from the book itself, but from bio on the back cover:

“C. J. Mahaney . . . leads Sovereign Grace Ministries, a church planting support organization with more than fifty churches in North and South America, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.”

I’ll bet they can’t wait for their first church plant in Europe.

If you’re wondering, the book’s theology is better than it’s geography.


13 Responses

  1. And you’re geography is better than you’re grammar. ;)

    (In case you’re still wondering, I’m referring to “it’s geography.”)

  2. Okay, so I inserted an unnecessary apostrophe. At least I didn’t lose a whole country.

  3. Good point.

    I make mistakes all the time, and I’m very fearful now that you are going to pounce on my next one!

    I forgot with whom I was messing. (I know. That’s awkward, but I figured you’d correct me for ending with a preposition if I said, “I forgot whom I was messing with.”)

  4. There was one time a while back where I thought I was wrong, but I was badly mistaken.

  5. Pepino

  6. Care to enlighten all the unenlightened about your remark Mark?

  7. That’s Spanish for “badly mistaken,” right? :-)

  8. Que chistoso. That’s Spanish for “someone who doesn’t understand the Spanish language.”
    I am assuming I’m probably going to have someone link to that great post a while back about “Say it, I was wrrrrrrr.” I was close. “I said it; I THOUGHT I was wrrrrrrrr.”

  9. The last time I checked, the UK is in Europe, and Mexico is in “Centro”, not South or North America!

    Note to Mike; I don’t know Espanol!

  10. Hey Doug,
    I do believe that Mexico is not central but also North America. Correct me if I’m wrrrrr.
    Pepino means “cucumber” or “pickle.”
    It’s kind of a funny name that you could use for someone if you were disgusted with them or also you could be joking, kind of like saying, “You’re crazy.”
    Chistoso means funny.

  11. Doug, you are one pepino chistoso. Are you trying to invent a new continent? :)

    BTW, I can never think of pickles without thinking of this. Funny.

  12. When I served in the Marine Corps (if a Marine dies he/she joins the Marine Corpse), I was stationed in Honduras for 3 months in 1991. I have a machete I purchased at the PX, and I am currently looking at it. There are 6 Central American countries. Mexico is not one of them. Um, I was wrrrrr…

    Chris, are you calling me a funny pickle? I don’t get it! :)

    BTW, your comment about waiting “for their first church plant in Europe”, I still believe the UK is in Europe (but I could be wrrrrr…).

  13. The UK is indeed in Europe. I was referring back to…

    Oh, forget it. :)

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