Fundamental Pastors Engage Politicians on Hate-Crimes Legislation

What follows is a report by my good friend, Dave Saxton, who recently traveled to Washington D.C. to speak with Ohio legislators regarding “Hate-Crimes” legislation, particularly the bill recently passed by the House of Representatives that would extend current hate-crimes laws to homosexuals. Dave is the founder and pastor of Falls Berean Bible Church in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and the Vice President of the Ohio Bible Fellowship. Peter Foxx, the other pastor who made the trip, is another friend of mine, the Pastor of Calvary Bible Church in Columbus, Ohio, and a member of the Ohio Bible Fellowship.


Dear Christian Friends and Pastors,

I wanted to provide a follow-up letter to my trip with Pastor Peter Foxx to Washington D.C. last week in order to meet with congressmen about some very crucial issues in our country right now. We did appreciate and sense all of your prayers for us. It can be a little intimidating to go into those congressional offices, but once you get talking, it is really not that bad (kind of like door-to-door visitation).

Ohio has 2 senators and 18 representatives in Washington D.C. Pastor Foxx and I divided these up and each met with 10. Usually, you are not able to actually meet with the congressmen, but with their legislative assistants.

The main topic that we spoke to was the U.S. House passing a law on the Federal funding to prosecute “hate” crimes, which are better define as “thought” crimes. This was simply a fancy way of saying that our House gave into the demands of the homosexual lobbyists, because this law was really seeking to make homosexuals a specially-protected minority group in our country, like African-Americans, ect.

Once this type of “hate” crimes legislation is passed, it certainly opens wide the door for the next step (already taken in Canada, Sweden, ect), for the prosecution of “hate” speech. “Hate” speech would include any biblical presentation of homosexuality as a sin. This would be contrary freedom of speech and religion, but this is exactly want the homosexuals ultimately desire.

Peter Foxx and I spoke as pastors about our concern to protect our rights as pastors to preach and teach all of God’s Word without fear of prosecution. They were all very appreciative of us stopping by, and none of them want to take away our right to free speech/ religion, but we know that they are setting the foundation for this to be done in the future.

Please understand this my Christian brothers and pastors: The homosexual lobbyist machine is very persistent, organized, unified, mission-orientated, and well-funded. The homosexual movement is bombarding your representatives with unbiblical suggestions and ideas all the time. They put great pressure on our political leaders to cave in to their demands.

We as believers must begin to act as salt and begin speaking up, before we find our basics freedoms of speech and religion eroded. “All that it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” We cannot take our American liberties for granted – I do not think that we will always have them, especially if we do not boldly and graciously speak up.

Please pray for wisdom for our country and consider how you can speak up for the truth to your congressman and/or senator on both the state and national level.

Ultimately, we know the only way to see our nation turn around long term will be through individual conversions, church-planting, and genuine God-sent revival.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these matters.

Thank you,

Pastor Dave Saxton

P.S. For you pastors coming to the Ohio Bible Fellowship Pastor’s Conference, we will be having a brief session on these matters. Thanks.


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