A Day at DBTS

Wednesday I have the privilege of preaching in the Student Body Chapel at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. I’ve admired the school and its faculty for several years, and many of my best friends in the ministry are DBTS alumni, so I’m appreciative of the opportunity. I’ve been asked to speak on the topic “Why This Generation Should Be Separatists.” I must say that preaching on that topic at that place feels a bit like lecturing a group of Amish woman on how to cook—in 40 minutes, no less.  At any rate, it’s a topic which I appreciate and which I think deserves attention.

Lord willing, this will be the first of several trips to “the state up north.” I’m planning to return to DBTS this summer for my first course at the seminary—a two-credit class on worship with Dr. Doran. It will be the first seminary class I’ve taken for several years, though hopefully not the last. I’m looking forward to it!


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  1. What, no hyperlink to DBTS?!?!?!?!

    Also, why the circumlocution–“state up north.” Ha. I dare you to wear your scarlett and silver hat, hahaha

  2. DBTS.

    And “Go Buckeyes!” And “Go Cavs!” And “Go Tribe!”

  3. Hey, isn’t it Michigan that grants state citizenship to chimps (since they are so much smarter than we are)?

  4. See, I think this was kind of like Cedarville having the Episcopal priestess talk about U2- a learning experience to see what the other side thinks… :)

  5. Greg,

    In the South you can let the pejoratives fly as long as you end you sentence with a “bless his heart.” Online, you have to end with a :) . I see that you have mastered that technique. Chris, on the other hand, just called the DBTS seminarians a much of Amish women but forgot the :) Bless his heart.

  6. Andy, you’re missing a basic axiom for interpreting similes: you must determine the point of similarity. Am I discussing their clothes? Their cars? Their furniture? Their theological prowess? The world will never know.

    Bless your heart.

  7. Chris,
    Looking forward to seeing you up here this week. Some of my best friends in the ministry are Buckeyes! We do what we can to take them up for a course or a program and hope they are somewhat better for their Michigan experience.

  8. Chris,

    I heard good things about your presentation from my co-worker who is a current student at DBTS. He said that it really encouraged him and challenged his thinking.

    On a more contentious note: the way it looks right now, you will be up here just in time to watch your little cavs (if they even get there) get pounded by the mighty pistons (when they get there) in the Eastern Conference Finals. I hope that does not distract you too much from the classroom lectures. :)

  9. Oh,

    And I just noticed that your little indians will also be playing the mighty tigers five times during your little visit to beautiful michigan. I too will be in Dr. Doran’s class so I might be willing to buy you a coke to console you on all the poundings that the pistons and tigers will be handing out to your beloved teams. :)

    Seriously though, I am glad to hear you are coming up for a class. I have enjoyed much of what you have to say here and elsewhere and I look forward to meeting you.


  10. Ryan,

    I’ll ignore your competitive banter & just say thanks for the encouraging word. :)

    I’ll look forward to meeting you. I’m actually thinking about taking Dispensations from Dr. McCune, though. If I’m going to take a class at DBTS, I may as well get “the goods” right away.

  11. Chris,

    If you have never taken a class taught by Dr. McCune I would highly recommend it. It is a tremendous priviledge to sit under Dr. McCune’s ministry of teaching. Although I would have enjoyed your interaction in class on worship with Dr. Doran. Thanks as well for your thoughts on Joe Z, very well thought out and helpful. I am discouraged about it on so many levels.

    – Ryan

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