His Robes for Mine

Update: The reworked text has been joined to an inspiring and original tune by Greg Habegger. A pdf of the new song and a MIDI sample can be accessed from here.


4 Responses

  1. Wonderful truths in this song. We use it often during communion. We have also posted our music ministry standards . . . you are welcome to take a peek at http://mccarrollbiblechurch.org/MUSIC%20MINISTRY.htm Think we will start advertising “Worshipping the ROCK without rock!”

  2. Hi, Dad. Thanks for chiming in. I didn’t know you were using the song. Nice!

    Make sure you change the lyrics, if you’re using the older version.

    Love you!

  3. […] introducing new songs to our congregations, and he mentioned that they had recently enjoyed singing His Robes for Mine. Here’s the kicker: he knew that I had posted it on My Two Cents, but he didn’t know that I […]

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