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Loose Balls & Long Shots: In Other Words, “I Was Wrrr…”

Well, that was hard to watch. OSU lost to Florida. In the championship. Again.

Don’t blame Oden; he was HUGE.

So what happened? Too many loose balls that we couldn’t coral, especially after huge blocks by Oden. Too many Gator 3’s…especially after the loose balls we couldn’t coral…after huge blocks by Oden. (On at least 2 occasions we went from a monster defensive stop to a “where’s-the-ball?” frenzy to a dagger-like 3-point-shot by Humphrey. Brutal.) Too many 3-point-misses by OSU, caused by the swarming Florida defense. Too little David Lighty, whose slashing, get-to-the-rim style was effective during the few minutes he was in.

As for my prediction: I admitted that I was a homer. Mike G’fus, a fellow Ohioan now serving the Lord in Mexico City, asked if I would own up to my mistake if OSU lost. No problem, Mike: “I was wrrr…” ;)

There is a silver lining, Buckeye fans. A Sportsline article has this to say about next year:

So what about now? Oden’s mate, guard Mike Conley Jr., was already talking about getting the band back together next year.

“Yeah, I do,” said Conley, when asked if the loss would influence his teammates’ decisions about leaving for the NBA. Change teammates to Greg Oden and you’ve got the correct translation.

“The way things worked out tonight will change people’s minds and get the team back together next year because we love playing together.”

Conley? “A hundred percent sure,” he is returning.

So Conley plans to return. That’s good news.

Here’s better news: Mike & Faith G’fus welcomed Carolyn Joy (or Caralyn Joy; final spelling TBA) into the world last night. Congratulations, buddy!

Kinda puts things in perspective, eh?


12 Responses

  1. The big question for Mike is did he make his wife wait until the game was over to give birth?

    We thought about you last night, Chris. No gloating here. :-)

  2. Congratulations Mike and Faith!! I had hoped to see you guys when I preached at Bible Community Church in December, but y’all were gone somewhere.

    Chris, sorry about your Buckeyes. Being a Suns fan and an Eagles fan, I know a little about getting close but not getting over the hump.

    My son and I were rooting for OSU, but to no avail.

    I wondered if they should have given up on the 3 point shooting after they consistently demonstrated they couldn’t make them. I think they missed 19 three pointers and were 2 for 21 before making the last two meaningless three pointers (I don’t have the stats in front of me.) If they had taken better, closer shots and made only 40% of those shots they would have had about 16 more points. I understand living and dieing by the three if you don’t have players who can go inside or drive, but I was disappointed that they kept taking so many three pointers. I guess they figured that they had to start falling sometime.

    (BTW, you do understand I was just playing with you in regards to my comments on my blog yesterday, right?)


  3. Sorry Chris, My Brother.
    I actually stayed up to watch the game, hoping to see some evidence that OSU was as good as Florida, seeing as how I pastor so many Buckeye fans up here. For their sake I was hoping OSU would give it a game. Disappointing. Of course, nothing better to root for for a former Hoosier/now Michigander, so who am I to talk?
    plj iii

  4. I believe in one specific genetic disposition being instilled in some–specifically, the desire to say O How I Hate Ohio State… :D If they had faced anyone else beside Florida, I would have likely been rooting for them.

    Also, so as not to give Ohio any further shame-facedness, (actually, OSU has nothing of which to be ashamed,) you might want to check your use of “coral” –I’m guessing you meant to corral a different spelling! My Tigers came out in fine form yesterday, and failed to take the Fall Classic, so I can say little else…

    BTW, don’t say “I was wrong”–a simple “mistakes were made” will do…

  5. You’re right, Sam. It should have been written thus:

    “The inability of the Tiger infielders to corral their pitchers’ errant throws may have cost them the October classic.”

    Thanks for the correction. :)

  6. Beth,
    I’m sorry to say that during labor, in the little individual room that we were in, they had a TV, and they also had Cable. It was on some ESPN international channel but was very annoying as the screen didn’t display the score. I turned it on sometime in the second half. As my wife was having contractions, I didn’t turn it up so it was hard to know who was winning. Finally they showed a score during a timeout and that was depressing. What little I saw, Oden was a monster. Faith wanted to wait til the game was over to really deliver the baby and she did.

    That hospital has been good to me. Matthew, our 5th, was born there on Jan. 2, 2002. Guess what happened on Jan. 3, 2002? OSU played Miami. Mikey, our oldest was just getting interested in the Buckeyes, and asked if he could go with me to the hospital to “visit” with Mom. So we got to watch that game. I guess we go to that hospital when OSU is going to play in a championship game, although we were still in Ohio on Jan. 8.

  7. That’s TWICE!!! In ONE SCHOLASTIC YEAR!!! That’s TWICE!!! Man, I hate Florida (in a righteous indignatious way)!!! :D

  8. OSU was my (very) revised championship pick. Condolences to you and other Buckeye fans.

    Chris, sorry about your Buckeyes. Being a Suns fan and an Eagles fan, I know a little about getting close but not getting over the hump.

    Then there’s those of us that are Broncos fans who know a lot about it! :-D

  9. That is amazing, Mike! What are the odds?

    Congrats on your baby–you’re a winner, in any case. :-)

  10. Chris,
    as I said, whether discussing your spelling, the Tigers, or the Buckeyes, a simple “mistakes were made” will do… :D

  11. Scott,

    At least the Broncos finally got over that hump – in a big way! The Eagles have been to playoffs regularly, to the NFC Championship game four years in a row, to the Super Bowl twice, but still have no Super Bowl title. The Suns have been a pretty regular playoff team, but have only made it to the Championship series twice and lost both times. Now, we’re not BUFFALO yet, but seemed to be headed that way!


  12. Chris, I am happy you didn’t make an (uh-hum) “investment”! Many people who did make an (uh-hum) “investment”, lost it! AND lost it BIG!

    BTW, I did NOT make any “investment”. I don’t believe in that kind of stuff!

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