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Odds & Ends

I haven’t blogged much for the last month or so. It has much to do with the busyness of ministry…and a little to do with the fact that I dropped my laptop. Ouch. My friend(?) Mark Perry suggested that I try a LeapPad next time, but I’m actually leaning toward an Etch A Sketch.

Anyway, here are some odds and ends that I’ve strung together into one post. They get more important as you go, so don’t give up too quickly. :)


Well, I nailed it. I picked all 4 of the Final Four Teams in my bracket. No brag, just fact.

FWIW, I have OSU beating Florida in the final. And yes, I am a homer.


These thoughts from J. I. Packer are worth considering. I have especially appreciated them in light of some recent heartaches which give evidence of the fall:

We have in previous chapters made the point that God’s end in all thing is his own glory–that he should be manifested, known, admired, adored. This statement is true, but it is incomplete. It needs to be balanced by a recognition that through setting his love on human beings God has voluntarily bound up his own final happiness with theirs. It is not for nothing that the Bible habitually speaks of God as the loving Father and Husband of his people. It follows from the very nature of these relationships that God’s happiness will not be complete till all his beloved ones are finall out of trouble:

Till all the ransomed church of God
Be saved to sin no more.”

(Knowing God, 125)


Here’s an update on last week’s post about our friend Jim Carlson, who was taken unexpectedly into the Lord’s presence:

Both of Jim’s daughters shared a word of testimony about their dad at the funeral Friday. Erika spoke warmly of her dad’s godly character and love for the Lord. She got it exactly right: for Jim to live was Christ, and to die is therefore gain. Hannah, the 8-year-old, had jotted down favorite memories of her daddy, which her aunt read. She spoke of his big blue eyes, how much he loved to cuddle her, the time they laughed together because dog licked his face, etc. It was precious…and heart-rending. Please continue to pray for the Carlsons.

My good friend Dan Greenfield preached to over 300 people at the funeral, all of whom were crowded into a house-turned-funeral home. It was literally “standing room only”–my wife and I were on the steps, and many listened to a speaker outside. By God’s grace, the gospel went out with clarity and boldness. Dan managed to “hold it together” through both the funeral and the graveside service, obviously making his own emotions take a backseat to the gospel. It was a blessing. Pray for fruit, both from the message Friday and from the message of Jim’s life.


Finally, the latest Galkin recording arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Very nice. Their rendition of Sovereign Grace’s “I Will Glory in My Redeemer” is worth the price of the CD–which as of the time I’m writing is still just $10. In light of my recent preaching on Christ’s return, and especially in light of previously mentioned challenges, the last part of the song is particularly moving:

I will glory in my Redeemer,
Who waits for me at gates of gold.
And when He calls me it will be paradise.
His face forever to behold.
His face forever to behold.

Amen. I’m sure the beauties of heaven are glorious, but the “paradise” will be enjoying the presence of our Lord and gazing on Him face to face.


9 Responses

  1. Dropped your laptop, eh?

    Perhaps you should replace your last Westinghouse with one of these… :D

  2. Chris,
    Those leap pads sure are a lot cheaper than a new laptop. But you are right, an etch a sketch is cheaper still, I think.

  3. I could send you some nice crisp 3×5 cards…

  4. So, which of you three comedians wants to be Eliphaz? Bildad? Zophar?

  5. Um, Chris, not to burst your hope on getting an “etch-a-sketch”, but they don’t make those anymore! You would have to settle for a used one, which may not include the little handles that move the etcher in the window. :(

  6. You’ve definitely been missed in the blogosphere! I am sorry about your laptop and will be praying that our Lord will provide you with a replacement. I do think that laptops are a helpful tool for a busy pastor.

  7. Especially when they can make toast, too! :D

    Just a suggestion, Chris- perhaps you should consider an upgrade to a KitchenAid…

  8. You might think that none of us even paid any attention to what you actually wrote, right Chris. :-)

  9. Hey, Mike! Great to hear from you, buddy. Hola, Amigo!

    Yes, I’m beginning to think the “odds and ends” post could have ended with the “odd” computer drop. Everything after that was so much blah, blah, blah.

    Ah, blogging. ;)

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