Please Pray for My Nephew Micah

Dan's Family

I‘ve requested prayer in the past for the family of my brother Dan, a missionary to Brazil (here and here). The Lord has graciously answered prayers for their safety. They are home on furlough right now, but they have another urgent prayer need

MicahMicah, Dan’s 12-year-old son, has been fighting pneumonia for the last 3 weeks, including an extended stay in the hospital. Micah is “all boy”–tough as nails.  But as the following note from Dan indicates, it’s a serious situation. Please pray with us for Micah’s recovery. The fragility of life has been much on our minds in recent days, so your prayers are very much appreciated.

Dear friends,

Micah has been home from the hospital for a week now. That is good news. He is eating better, and that is also good news. The good news continued when we visited Dr. Afshar today. Micah’s left lung is totally clear. Unfortunately, the good news stopped there, as the lower lobe in Micah’s right lung has shown no improvement and appears to be liquid filled and collapsed.

The doctor began to list options for cities that would have pediatric lung specialists, but suggested another week of antibiotics and rest to allow Micah’s body to fight it off without surgery. Any cold or flu at this point would mean an immediate trip to a large city with a children’s hospital as the sickness would tend to settle right away into Micah’s already failing lung.

Please pray with us that:

  • We will be able to keep him away from other sickness.
  • God will heal his lung before next week’s visit to the specialist.
  • God will encourage Micah. He is down after nearly three weeks out of school and normal twelve year old life.
  • God will strengthen the entire family. The emotional stress is wearing on us. We are doing well, but heading toward exhaustion.

We had to cancel a visit to a supporting church last weekend. We thank the Lord for their gracious and helpful response. We were scheduled to leave tomorrow en-route to our mission’s annual banquet, but obviously will not be going. Pray that we will know if Dan should attempt the trip. The doctor’s comments tonight on the phone with Linda are forcing us to realize the gravity of the situation.

A pdf of the prayer letter is available here.


4 Responses

  1. Praying for Micah!!!! Looking forward to better news.

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  3. Am praying for Micah. Our 15 yr. old daughter had influenza which morphed into pneumonia in January. Was scary. Mary Jo (NC)

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